BrainHearing™ - Listening with less effort

Better hearing starts with your brain

The ears pick up sounds, but it is your brain that is responsible for turning these sounds into meaning and making sense of everything you hear.


What is Brainhearing™?

Good hearing helps your brain to stay fit throughout your life - and helps avoid many other health problems.1,2,3. In short, hearing health is brain health. That is why we continue to develop BrainHearing technology for our Ponto devices.


Hear the difference with Ponto

Traditional sound processors improve speech intelligibility by removing sound using technologies such as directionality and speech prioritisation. New research now shows that the brain needs access to all sounds from the full soundscape to help it make sense of what it hears.4,5.

BrainHearingª provides audibility and signal processing that support the brain's cognitive processes.

The way you hear

When sound reaches your brain, there are four fundamental functions the brain carries out to make sense of the sound:

  • Orient according to position of sounds
  • Separate sound sources
  • Focus on what's important
  • Recognise what each sound is and make sense of it

All of this happens simultaneously in the brain. BrainHearing is designed to support these cognitive processes.


Ponto 5 Mini defies conventional technology

OpenSound Navigator™ handles multiple speech and noise sources using a 360-degree always-open approach. This supports speech intelligibility and helps users make sense of their sound environment. 

  1. Analyse - The OpenSound Navigator™ scans the sound environment more than 100 times per second to accurately identify speech and noise. 
  2. Balance - With this information, the OpenSound Navigator™ balances the surrounding sounds so that background sounds are still available but do not disturb the listening environment. This makes it easier for users to switch their attention. 
  3. Noise removal - The OpenSound Navigator™ attenuates background noise quickly and effectively – regardless of the direction it comes from. It acts at speeds so high that it can even remove noise occurring between words.

Stable gain all day long

OpenSound Optimizer™ analyses amplified sound 56,000 times per second and detects and prevents audible feedback before it occurs. You no longer have to compromise on the dynamics of sound to reduce feedback and you can be fitted with up to 6dB more stable gain. From soft to loud sounds, Ponto 5 Mini amplifies and processes inputs at high speed, giving more sound to the brain and aiming for a better listening experience. 


A procedure supporting BrainHearing

Direct Sound Transmission means less listening effort6. Systems like the Ponto™ System, which has a direct connection to the bone, can provide an extra 10-20 dB of output in the mid-to-high frequency range.4 This range contains the most important sound information for understanding speech.

Talk to your audiologist about Ponto upgrade

Discover the benefits

The best way to experience the difference is to try Ponto 5 Mini for yourself. If you want to find out more, contact your audiologist.

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Depending on patient indication the perceived benefit may vary.

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