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Find the sound processor that best suits your lifestyle and needs.


Ponto 5 Mini

Say hello to our latest sound processor. It’s small, discreet, and packed with new technology for outstanding sound quality. Ponto 5 Mini and Ponto 4 are the world’s smallest sound processors available on the market today. 


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Ponto 4

Ponto 4 is small and offers both reliability and performance with an open sound experience including full wireless connectivity.



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Ponto 3

The Ponto 3 family includes the most powerful abutment-level sound processor on the market
 – the Ponto 3 SuperPower. 



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Find the right product solution for your hearing loss

Your hearing care professional can help you identify what sound processor is right for you and can also help you navigate the upgrade process to the latest sound processor.

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Compare sound processors

Read about the different features and benefits between our sound processors and find the Ponto that is right for you.


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