Meet users of bone anchored hearing solutions

Whenever users are asked about what they want from a bone anchored hearing system, they talk about three things: speech understanding, sound quality and design. Ponto sound processors are designed to offer all of these benefits. 

Read about user experiences with Ponto for single-sided deafness or conductive/ mixed hearing loss below. 



Single-sided deafness (SSD)

  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Reuben

    Meet Reuben

    A lively 9-year-old with single-sided deafness who relies on his new bone anchored hearing system to keep up in school, talk to friends and beat his brother in computer games.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Ross

    Meet Ross

    Ross, a 43-year-old Pastor, felt he lost part of his personality after suffering a sudden hearing loss. When having had his Ponto Plus, he now feels back to normal.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Nancy

    Meet Nancy

    Nancy was diagnosed with Otosclerosis at age 17, and lost hearing in her left ear. Nancy tried a number of solutions before experiencing success with the Ponto Plus.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Kevin

    Meet Kevin

    A 19-year-old college student who no longer has to position himself strategically to hear people clearly.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Torben

    Meet Torben

    A 55-year-old teacher’s aide who spent five decades living with single-sided deafness before deciding to seek medical help.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-users-Jane-Doe

    Meet Rebecca

    Rebecca was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma in August 2013. After several surgeries, setbacks, and a long insurance battle, she was fitted with a Ponto Plus in early 2015.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Kris

    Meet Kris

    A 29-year-old new mom with single-sided deafness who knows that even the tiniest and sweetest sounds are too precious to miss.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Bethany

    Meet Bethany

    Bethany has single sided deafness and uses a Ponto Plus. Hear her share a real account of how she’s found that the Ponto system fills a void that hearing loss created.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Oscar

    Meet Oscar

    An 8-year-old boy with SSD caused by meningitis - who now has more energy at the end of the day since having the Ponto Pro.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Jim

    Meet Jim

    A 59-year-old sales executive who turned his frustration over his lost hearing in the left ear into advocacy for bone anchored hearing systems.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-users-John-Doe

    Meet Chris

    A British man who was diagnosed with single-sided deafness (SSD) in 2000 and now works as a technical officer in Audiology.

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Conductive / mixed hearing loss

  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-James

    Meet James

    18-year-old James, can now with his Ponto Plus Sound Processors enjoy the wide variety of sounds in his life – from listening to teachers at college to gaming with friends on his Playstation.

    Meet James

  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Jack

    Meet Jack

    A 10-year-old boy with Bilateral Microtia Atresia, who now finds it easier to pay attention in class because of his Ponto Plus sound processors.

    Meet Jack

  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Andrew

    Meet Andrew

    14-year-old Andrew was struggling with keeping up with conversations and in school, but was aided with two Ponto sound processors.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Aly

    Meet  Aly

    A 18-year-old student born with Atresia, who thinks choosing Ponto Plus was the best decision she ever made.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-users-Jane-Doe

    Meet Amy

    A two-time survivor of cholesteatomas and a Ponto Plus and Oticon Medical Streamer wearer.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-users-Jane-Doe

    Meet Liza

    A beautiful and bright 12 year old from Russia who was born with bilateral Microtia and Atresia.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-users-Jane-Doe

    Meet  Thersia

    A 45-year-old analyst programmer from South Africa who spent most of her life battling hearing loss until she discovered Ponto.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Robb

    Meet Robb

    A 41-year-old oncology sales rep with unilateral conductive hearing loss – who’s new Ponto Pro means he no longer has to angle for the best seat at the meeting to keep up with the conversation.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Winslow

    Meet Winslow

    A 7-year-old boy with bilateral conductive hearing loss. Watch how Winslow and his mom talk about their considerations and feelings during the process of getting an implant.

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  • 310x310-BAHS-Meet-Justin

    Meet  Justin

    A 30-year-old human resources professional who enjoys the sound quality of his Ponto Pro.

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