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Voluntary recall of non-implanted Neuro Zti cochlear implants

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Patient care from a distance

The following services help to provide hearing care remotely for your patients all while maintaining a distance.



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Whether your patients can not hear or have reached the point where hearings aids are no longer enough, it’s time to evaluate candidacy to see if they might benefit from a cochlear implant.





How to identify a candidate

  • Adults and children suffering from a bilateral or unilateral severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss 
  • Limited benefit using a conventional hearing aid
  • Functioning auditory nerve 
  • Medically, surgically and psychologically cleared for surgery 
  • Realistic expectations, motivation and family support 

The Neuro System

Why choose the Neuro System

  • Reliability

    The Neuro System has one of the world’s most reliable implants with an impressive Cumulative Survival Percentage (CSP) of 99,63% of five years.1


    1. Oticon Medical Reliability report 2020.

  • A reliable solution

    Most people will undergo MRI exams during their lifetime: The Neuro System implant remains secure, stable, convenient and reliable2 thanks to the unique screw fixation system and the rigid implant casing.3


    2. Todt et al. Cochlear implants and 1.5 T MRI scans: The effect of diametrically bipolar magnets and screw fixation on pain. Journal of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (2018) 47:11.
    3.Oticon Medical CI unique points – April 2018.

  • Premium sound

    Restoration of sound is why patients get a cochlear implant: a recent survey shows that users prefer unique Neuro technologies for voice quality, difficult speech, listening on the phone, TV and music – situations where people spend most of their time.4


    4. Caruso et al. Neuro users say it: the everyday sounds better with speech Omni – Oticon Medical, 2018.

  • Design excellence

    The Neuro System sound processor is designed to provide all day comfort to patients of all ages: Discreet and elegant, it is the smallest behind-the-ear sound processor ever made.5


    5. Philip J Clamp, Terri Rotchell, Jennefer Maddocks & Philip J Robinson (2013) What factors influence patient and parent choice of cochlear implant model for children?, Cochlear Implants International, 14:3, 130-134

  • Usability

    Robustness and ease of use. The Neuro System sound processor has wireless connectivity, the highest level of dust and water protection (IP68) and an ultra-thin antenna cable reinforced by Aramid fibres (a next generation “Kevlar ™”).

  • Leading in hearing

    As a member of one of the world’s largest hearing healthcare companies, Oticon Medical is committed to ongoing innovation in hearing implant technology and support now and in the future. 

How to counsel a patient

How to describe a cochlear implant to a patient

Conventional hearing aids capture sounds, amplify them and send them through the normal auditory channel. As hearing deteriorates the small hair cells which stimulate the hearing nerve are damaged. Even when sound is made loud, they cannot stimulate the auditory nerve. It is like banging a piano key harder and harder, but the strings are cut. The cochlear implant overcomes this by sending the signal directly to the auditory nerve and bypassing the damaged hair cells. 

The cochlear implant system


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What is achievable with a cochlear implant


Reliability report

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Before implanting the Neuro ZTI implant, you must become familiar with the technical specifications of the Neuro ZTI device and the associated surgical techniques.




Surgical guidance

The Neuro ZTI implant has the smallest surgical footprint, a unique screw fixation system requiring less surgical time and providing a less invasive surgery. 

Here is some guidance on how to perform the Neuro ZTI implant surgery.



Prior to surgery

Ensure you have the latest calibration files and most recent software release in order to do electrophysiological testing (ecap).    

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Surgical support

Contact your local Oticon Medical representatives for surgical support or training. 

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After a healing period of about 3 to 5 weeks, the implant is activated and the sound processor fitted. Make sure your patient receives the sound processor for the activation and the fitting. Using the dedicated fitting software, the audiologist creates a “sound map” based on the individual´s limits for each electrode and personalized according to the patients preferences to make hearing as clear and comfortable as possible.




Fitting software

Prior to fitting ensure you have the latest calibration files and latest software release.

Download files 


Get distant fitting support

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Genie Medical Fitting guide


After cochlear implantation, efforts made by the user and their families will impact cochlear implant outcomes. It is recommended to attend all speech therapy and sound processor fitting sessions as well as rehabilitation programs.




  • Cleaning guidelines

    We have developed guidelines for patients on how to disinfect their sound processor/ accessories with recommended products. The following guidelines can be printed or shared with your patient.


    See cleaning guidelines 

  • Tips and tricks

    Advice on how to do everyday activities with a Cochlear Implant


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  • Instructional videos

    Guide your patient on how to care for their sound processor.

    Watch the instructional videos here

  • Swim Kit

    If your patient wants to go swimming, the Neuro 2 Swim Kit is fully waterproof and can be used in all kinds of water.

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  • Bimodal

    Do you think your patient could benefit from a cochlear implant on one ear and a hearing aid on the other ear? Then inform them about Oticon Medical’s Bimodal solution.

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