Neuro 2 is the smallest Behind-The-Ear cochlear sound processor on the market

Discreet and elegant

Neuro 2 sets new standards in design

Do you want the smallest Behind-The-Ear cochlear sound processor on the market? Then go for Neuro 2. The elegant Neuro 2 is about discretion, but it’s much more than just its size. Combining great sound quality and a wealth of innovative features and accessories for all ages, its design has already won several prestigious awards.

Neuro 2 keeps winning awards

The Neuro 2 is sweeping up prizes because of its ground breaking design in the cochlear implant industry.

 Red Dot award winner 2018 for Product Design (Healthcare)
 Red Dot award winner 2017 Design Concept (bionics)  
 iF Design Award 2018 Product Design (Medical devices)
 German Design Award winner 2018  for Excellent Product Design
   (Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care)

 Good Design winner 2017 (Personal)
 A’Design Award winner 2018 Gold
   (Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design)
 European Product Design Award (Life Science Design) 
 IDA Gold Award in Industrial and Life Science Design 

  • Neuro 2 winner of Reddot 2018 award
  • Neuro 2 winner of Reddot 2017 award
  • Neuro 2 winner of iF Design award
  • Neuro 2 winner of German Design award
  • Neuro 2 winner of Good Design award
  • Neuro 2 winner of A'Design Award
  • Neuro 2 winning IDA design award
  • Neuro 2 winner of European Product Design Award
Neuro 2 connectivity

Stay connected

Enjoy the benefits of digital streaming to your sound processor and transform your Neuro 2 into a personal wireless headset using the Neuro 2 connectivity solutions. These solutions expand your digital communication options to include phone conversations, one-to-one communication in noisy environments, watching TV, listening to music, chatting on video calls, and much more. 

Read more about the connectivity possibilities 

Even in noisy places, Neuro 2 is designed to let you hear what’s being said.

Join in conversations

Enjoy an active social life

Even in noisy places, Neuro 2 is designed to let you hear what’s being said. Wherever you go, it adapts automatically so you can take part in conversations with confidence.

Stay active with Neuro 2

Life on the go  >

Neuro 2 - ready for action

Stays in place

Ready for action

Whatever your sport, you can rely on your Neuro 2. It comes with a wide range of convenient accessories that keep it securely and comfortably in place when you’re on the go. 

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Dive straight in with Neuro 2

Fully waterproof

Have fun in the water

Enjoy water activities with the fully waterproof Neuro 2 Swim Kit. 

  • Fully waterproof
  • Reusable silicone cover
  • Suitable for all kinds of water

Go swimming

Neuro 2 - Quality you can rely on

Reliable and robust

Quality you can rely on

Neuro 2 has undergone the most extensive design and testing programmes and has the highest classification in cochlear implants against water and dust, the IP68. This means that you don’t have to worry if you are caught in a rain shower or forget to take your Neuro 2 off before showering*. Whatever the weather or situation, it delivers the hearing clarity you rely on.

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* If you want to get completely wet, always use the Swim Kit for full water protection.

Neuro 2 - the premium sound processor from Oticon Medical.

Easy microphone check

How are you?

Ask a simple question and a light on your sound processor will show whether it’s working. This feature makes it easy for parents and caregivers to see straight away if the sound processor microphones are working properly.

Check your microphones

Neuro 2 - battery charger

Long battery life

Power for days

With its outstanding battery life, the Neuro 2 won’t let you down. Use disposable batteries and you can typically enjoy over three days of power. Or choose the small rechargeable battery and you’ll have enough power for a full day at work or school. 

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Listening with less effort

When having conversations at work, with friends, you might struggle to hear what's being said. Your brain has to work harder which can live you feeling drained. Neuro 2 is designed to help your brain hear as clearly and naturally as possible in all environments. So that you invest less effort in listening and have more energy to participate and engage in social situations.

Read more about BrainHearing™

Neuro 2 - designed with children in mind

Neuro 2 for your child 

By stimulating the brain at a young age, you can give your child the best conditions for language development. With access to clear sound signals, children spend less effort trying to hear and have more energy left to learn.

Choosing Neuro for your child

Child friendly hearing care

Decor kits for your Neuro 2


The perfect match for your Oticon hearing aid

Hearing with both ears is important for sound quality, spatial perception and speech understanding. The Oticon Medical bimodal solution unlocks the full potential of both your Oticon hearing aid and Neuro 2 – making sure the sound coming from each side is individually optimised. What’s more, both devices come in a matching range of colours and share the same accessories for easy control and streaming. 

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Design excellence

What’s your style?

Find the right colour for you

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