Is a cochlear implant right for me?

Is a cochlear implant right for me?

A cochlear implant is recommended for adults and children suffering from sensorineural single-sided or bilateral hearing loss who don’t benefit from conventional hearing aids. An Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor will conduct a preliminary assessment and be able to advise you. If they think that a cochlear implant is right for you, you will be referred to a cochlear implant centre.

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Are you the right candidate for a cochlear implant?

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Cochlear implants do not claim to restore perfect and natural hearing. Only a natural ear can achieve this. Rather, they help to open up the world of sound. When they were first introduced, cochlear implants only enabled sound to be perceived. Today, improvements in the signal’s sound quality mean that you can understand speech in different types of listening environments, enjoy music and hear a wide variety of sounds. Many users enjoy the increased confidence and independence this gives them.

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How do cochlear implants work?

How cochlear implants enable hearing

A cochlear implant consists of an external sound processor and an internal cochlear implant.
1. The sound processor captures and digitises sound.
2. The sound is sent to the implant receiver through an antenna that is magnetically attached to the skin. 
3. The implant receiver is placed under the skin. It transforms the digital information into an electronic signal and sends it to an electrode array inserted in the cochlea.
4. Each electrode on the array corresponds to a signal frequency and stimulates the auditory nerve. 
5. The brain receives the sound transmitted through the auditory nerve.

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The Neuro System opens up the world of sound

The Neuro cochlear implant system

The Neuro System comprises the Neuro Zti implant and the Neuro 2 sound processor. The Neuro 2 sound processor uses Oticon’s advanced chip platform with innovative sound processing to empower you to achieve better speech understanding.

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