Ponto Trial

Use the Ponto Care™ app to evaluate if bone anchored hearing is right for you


The Ponto Care™ app is a mobile self-help tool that provides guidance while you are trying out a bone anchored sound processor. It allows you to get the most out of your trial and make an informed decision on whether bone anchored hearing is right for you. It does that by guiding you through different listening situations in your daily life and letting you rate and comment on them. Once you have done the ratings, you can easily share them with your hearing care professional and discuss them at your next visit, whether that takes place in person or remotely.

Ponto Care™ app helps you get to know your Ponto bone anchored hearing system (BAHS) and evaluate its performance.

Features include:

  • Select the different listening situation you would like to rate

  • Rate and comment on how well you hear in different listening situations

  • Share these ratings with your audiologist


  • Step 1

    Experience different listening situations in your daily life

    It only takes a few minutes to rate and comment on different listening environments. The app lets you evaluate the following standard situations: conversation in quiet, conversation in noise, and sounds outdoors.

  • Step 2 

    Rate your hearing in these situations

    You can rate each listening environment up to five times. Each rating includes a field in which you can provide additional comments to clarify your entry. At any time during your trial, you can review the ratings and the comments – as well as the time and date you made them.

  • Step 3 

    Share your ratings with your audiologist before the next visit

    Once you have provided at least seven ratings in total, you can email this data to your audiologist before your next appointment. During the visit, your audiologist can then use this information to adjust your Ponto for optimal hearing.


The Ponto Care™ app is simple to download and easy to use — your hearing care professional can show you how right in their office. It is free to download for both iOS® and Android™ devices via the App Store® or Google Play™.

Ponto Care™ app compatibility

System and software requirements: Apple® devices: iOS 11 or later. Android™ devices: Android OS 8.0 or later.

To download the Ponto Care™ app, go to the App Store® or Google Play™ and search for Oticon Medical or “Ponto Care”. 

Data privacy

When you use the Ponto Care™ app, you have the option of emailing a document with your name, ratings, comments and app usage period (report) to your clinical personnel.

If you choose to send a report, we will temporarily store the report and the clinical personnel contact details for the sole purpose of sending the report. We will not keep any of your personal data or the clinic personnel contact details.

For further details, please see our privacy policy


Learn how the app can help you after you receive your bone anchored hearing system.


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