• Candidacy

    Find out which hearing solutions can help overcome different types of hearing loss.

  • The Ponto System

    Find out how bone conduction works, and how it has helped thousands of people to enjoy the sounds in their life.

  • The Neuro System

    If you have a damaged cochlea, a cochlear implant can bypass this section of the ear and transmit sound directly to the brain to overcome hearing loss.

Implant solutions for children and adults

Implant solutions for children and adults

Our cochlear implant and bone conduction hearing solutions are used by adults and children of all ages to help them overcome hearing loss at school, at work and in social situations.

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Bone conduction systems

Ponto 5 Mini

The world’s smallest sound processor is still a Ponto. It’s packed with new
technology for outstanding sound quality.

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Neuro 2 - award winning design

Award winning design

Neuro 2 is the smallest Behind-The-Ear sound processor ever made in the cochlear implant industry. It’s discreet and elegant in every detail and has already won several prestigious awards.

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Ponto 3 sets new standards in sound processor power

Ponto 3 – the most powerful abutment-level sound processor family

In bone conduction hearing, power is everything. Ponto 3 sets new standards in sound processor power and provides great audibility and understanding, so you can enjoy more of the sound details of your everyday life.

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Talk to your audiologist about possible upgrades

Talk to your audiologist to find out about upgrades

Your audiologist can tell you about the upgrade process for your Ponto or Neuro sound processor, as well as any insurance or cost issues.

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About Oticon Medical - the Neuro System opens up the world of sound

The Neuro System opens up the world of sound 

The Neuro cochlear implant system is designed to overcome severe-to-profound perceptive hearing loss, enabling you to hear and take part in life.

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Pioneers in hearing technology

For over three decades, Oticon Medical has developed pioneering bone anchored and cochlear implant solutions for children and adults. 

As a member of Demant — a global market leader in hearing healthcare with a close link to Oticon — we can draw on the group’s research skills, advanced hearing technologies and support tools, as well as its global distribution network. 

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