Ponto System

Powerful sound to the brain

Ponto sets the standard for premium sound and minimal procedures. It’s designed to help you feel connected to the sounds you love.


Enjoy a life full of sound

Getting a bone conduction hearing solution is life changing – for you, your child or loved one. With Ponto, you get premium sound from groundbreaking technology, with or without surgery. So go ahead and live life to the fullest, immersed in a world of sound. 

Renowned sound quality

You can try it first

Procedures for peace of mind

It’s like I’m not wearing a hearing aid. It feels like I don’t have one on and I can hear so much better.

- Poppy, Ponto 5 Mini user, UK


Renowned sound quality

Sound so rich, clear and close to natural, users tell us they often forget they're wearing a sound processor. Ponto is all about groundbreaking bone conduction sound quality. All in the smallest bone anchored hearing devices available  for children and adults.

A different approach to sound

Our newest Ponto 5 sound processors are designed with powerful technology that gives you access to more sound than ever before. This approach supports the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.1,2 We call it our BrainHearing™ philosophy, which is all about making listening easier in any environment.

360° sound and no audible feedback

By connecting you with your full soundscape, Ponto 5 gives you the freedom and awareness to focus on what you want – from technology proven to improve speech understanding* and reduce listening effort.** You also get sounds and speech that are consistent and clear thanks to first-ever technology that stops audible feedback before it occurs.




Want a bone conduction hearing trial without committing to an implant? You can try a Ponto hearing solution on a Softband. It’s a powerful way to get life-changing sound – suitable for adults and children.

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Small procedures – huge benefits

You can always try the rich Ponto sound experience without surgery. When you’re ready for an implant, we offer proven,3,4,5 minimally invasive procedures as a means to enable you to have a life of improved hearing. 

of all users report an increased quality of life after Ponto surgery.3

of follow-up visits, no skin-related after-care treatment is needed.3

Procedures you can count on

A premium hearing solution should include reassuring, state-of-the-art procedures – for whenever you feel ready to get an implant. The Ponto System does just that. Ponto is not only known for leading technology, but also for groundbreaking implant techniques designed to shorten surgery and healing time.

Results that make a difference

Our procedures are called minimally invasive because they’re designed to avoid the need for stitches and can be performed in minutes under local anaesthesia. With minimal impact on your skin, they offer excellent aesthetic outcomes and fast recovery. And most importantly, result in an improved quality of life.3,4,5 

I was really delighted. I feel like it was breathtakingly fast.

- Fatima, Ponto user, implanted with MONO procedure, France

  • For parents

    If your child has a hearing loss, we’re here to help. See if Ponto is the right solution.


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  • Ponto 5

    Connect to the world around you with premium sound quality from our latest sound processors. 


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    You can try Ponto 5 on your current Ponto abutment, Softband or other compatible abutment system.


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Ponto 5

So small yet so powerful


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For prescribed fittings, according to best practice and during normal use6
* Increased speech understanding when comparing performance with Opensound Navigator ON relative to Opensound Navigator OFF. Measured for the Ponto Mini style and Ponto 5 SuperPower style.7,8
** Measured for the Ponto Mini style7  

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