Use the Ponto Care™ app to support your daily life with Ponto


Getting accustomed to wearing and hearing through a bone anchored hearing system might take time. The Ponto Care™ app helps you to become familiar with and get the most out of your bone anchored treatment.

The app provides you with self-help tools to have a more insightful conversation with your hearing care professional – whether that takes place in person or remotely.

The app gives you useful information about Ponto and bone anchored hearing in general. It also provides a convenient way to check your implant site, as well as a digital diary to keep track of your hearing.




Get empowered with the Ponto Care™ app – your guide to simple and easy care


The Ponto Care™ app helps you to:

  • Find useful information about daily life with bone anchored hearing and Ponto, such as travel tips, good habits and testimonials

  • Use the smart camera to check your implant site and store photos with comments in a dedicated album on your phone

  • Keep track of your hearing with the digital diary

Use the Aftercare section of the app to support your daily life with Ponto

  • Get answers to your questions about Ponto and living with bone anchored hearing

  • Monitor your implant site by regularly taking photos guided by the app’s smart camera feature

  • Track your hearing experiences in a digital diary


The Ponto Care™ app is simple to download and easy to use — your hearing care professional can show you how right in their office. It is free to download for both iOS® and Android™ devices via the App Store® or Google Play™. Your hearing care professional can help you download and install the app during a visit.

Ponto Care™ app compatibility

System and software requirements: Apple® devices: iOS 11 or later. Android™ devices: Android OS 8.0 or later.

To download the Ponto Care™ app, go to the App Store® or Google Play™ and search for Oticon Medical or “Ponto Care”. 


This section of the Ponto Care™ app is designed to support your daily life as a bone anchored user

Important: The app is not a diagnosis tool. Please see your doctor if you have any concerns.

Oticon Medical does not store, save or process any of the photos you take using the app, nor is any of your information from this app transferred to/shared with Oticon Medical or any third party.