Introducing wireless connectivity


Ponto 4, Ponto 5 Mini and Ponto 5 SuperPower can be used for everything from streaming your favourite TV show to getting email notifications when connected to the Oticon ON App and the If This Then That (IFTTT) network.

Wireless connectivity - Oticon On app

Enjoy wireless streaming

Using 2.4 GHz Bluetooth wireless streaming, Ponto 4, Ponto 5 Mini and Ponto 5 SuperPower connects you to a range of devices. Get instant access using the Oticon ON App to adjust volume, switch programmes and get battery low alerts. It also has a handy "Find my Hearing Aid" search feature.

Download the Oticon ON App 

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Ponto 4 - internet connected

The first internet-connected bone anchored sound processor

Want the lights to turn on automatically when you switch on your sound processors? Get notified via the sound processor when someone’s at the door? 

The Ponto 4, Ponto 5 Mini and Ponto 5 SuperPower can be set up to connect to and control a wide range of devices using the Oticon ON App and If This Then That network (IFTTT). This ever-expanding internet-based service enables you to integrate your sound processor with a wide range of devices and solutions.

Ponto 4 connectivity

Connected wherever you go

With Ponto 4, Ponto 5 Mini and Ponto 5 SuperPower, it's easy to stay connected wherever you go. It offers hassle-free connectivity to any modern smartphone using the ConnectClip microphone accessory, instantly turning the sound processors into high quality headphones. 

Ponto 4 hands free phone call

Hands-free phone calls and wireless sound

Pair your Ponto 4, Ponto 5 Mini or Ponto 5 SuperPower with the ConnectClip microphone via 2.4 GHz wireless technology for hands-free streaming from all smartphones. You can also connect it to a wide range of devices used in everyday life such as your TV, radio and laptop. 

Wireless remote microphone system

EduMic is a classroom hearing solution that provides direct access to a teacher’s voice from a wireless remote microphone to help children and adults manage noise, reverberation and distance. Ponto 4, Ponto 5 Mini or Ponto 5 SuperPower and EduMic work together to maximize speech understanding for language development, learning and socializing opportunities.  

Wireless connectivity - hearing fitness

The world’s first hearing fitness technology

Just like an exercise app, HearingFitness™ tracks sound processor and provides insights you can use to improve your health behaviours. The insights are based on big data analytics that combine lifestyle and healthcare data with local sound environment analysis.

HearingFitness™ technology is now available in the Oticon ON App.*

* Oticon HearingFitness™ will evolve continuously. Please find the current version and available functionalities on the App Store or Google Play.

Ponto 4 wireless connectivity

Experience open sound
with Ponto

Ponto 4, Ponto 5 Mini and Ponto 5 SuperPower make the ground-breaking technology in Oticon Opn™ available for bone anchored users. Access a full and open soundscape with constant 360-degree sound. By accurately balancing background sounds and removing remaining noise, it lets you focus on what’s important.

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