Ponto 5

Powerful sound to the brain

When you choose a solution that immerses you in premium sound – your brain will do the rest.

The smallest bone conduction devices

With Ponto 5, you get a 360° sound experience that supports the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.1,2  Its powerful technology has been proven to significantly improve speech understanding* and reduce listening effort.** All still in the smallest bone anchored hearing devices available.

Six reasons to choose Ponto 5

Premium 360° sound

Start hearing the big picture and the little details with access to sound from all around you. 

Consistent, clear sound

First-ever feedback prevention gives you more stable sound throughout your day.

So small yet so strong

Featuring the world’s smallest bone conduction devices, and two power levels to choose from.

Easy connectivity

Stay empowered and connected to the great benefits of your digital world with direct streaming.

Hearing care from anywhere

Attend online appointments, get adjustments and more with the Oticon RemoteCare app.

No surgery needed

You can try the premium sound experience on a Softband before making any decisions.

She feels a better quality of hearing like she’s hearing naturally and not through an aid.

- Amy, mother of Poppy, Ponto 5 Mini user, UK

How we deliver groundbreaking sound

Being at the forefront of hearing care technology means a lot. It means only Ponto offers life-changing open sound features. So you can enjoy full, clear and optimally balanced sound – even in noisy environments.

  • Access sound all around you 

    Unlike traditional technology, OpenSound Navigatoropens up your full 360° soundscape. This lets you access clear speech and sound details from every direction. And puts you in charge of what to focus on.

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  • Clear and consistent sound

    The unique OpenSound Optimizer detects and stops audible feedback before it occurs to give you more stable sound all day. You can even give someone a hug without worrying about distortion.

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  • Connect to your digital world

    Talk on the phone, stream TV sound, make a video call and more. It’s never been easier to connect, stream and engage. With 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy, Ponto 5 can connect you to your favourite devices.

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I can put my arms behind my head and watch TV without experiencing any feedback, which just makes everyday life easier.

- Christian, Ponto 5 SuperPower user, Denmark


Discreet, reliable, tested

You can count on Ponto to give you a unique hearing experience in a robust and reliable hearing solution. All aspects of Ponto 5 have undergone extensive testing, so you can be sure it won’t let you down.

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Ready for an upgrade?

If you are already a Ponto user, Ponto 5 delivers everything you know and love - now with so much more. You can try Ponto 5 on your Ponto abutment, current Softband or other compatible abutment system.

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Try before you decide

Want to try bone conduction hearing without the surgery? You can try Ponto 5 on a Softband before making any decisions. It’s a powerful way to start your journey to better hearing – for children and adults.

Find out how

  • Sound without surgery

    The innovative Softband 5 is comfortable and practical – and gives you impressive sound transmission. 


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  • Express yourself

    With switchable skins and stickers, you can personalise your Ponto for any occasion.


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  • Oticon On app

    Streaming and apps

    Stay empowered with direct streaming, smart accessories and unique apps – right at your fingertips.


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For parents

If your child has a hearing loss, we understand how important it is for you to get the best solution for their needs. We’re here to support you. Find out if Ponto 5 could be the right solution.

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* Increased speech understanding when comparing performance with Opensound Navigator ON relative to Opensound Navigator OFF. Measured for the Ponto Mini style and Ponto 5 SuperPower style4,5 
** Measured for the Ponto Mini style4
For prescribed fittings, according to best practice and during normal use3

1. O’Sullivan, et al. (2019). Hierarchical Encoding of Attended Auditory Objects in Multi-talker Speech Perception. Neuron, 104(6), 1195-1209.
2. Puvvada, K. C. et al. (2017). Cortical representations of speech in a multitalker auditory scene. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(38), 9189-9196.
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