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Ponto 3 the most powerful sound processor

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Ponto 3 SuperPower

More power,  more sound

To understand the difference power makes, consider loudspeakers. A low-quality speaker can make music sound metallic and distorted while a high-quality speaker gives you all the details with no distortion.

In the same way, a more powerful sound processor gives you access to a greater range of sounds at all volumes, clearly and comfortably.


"With the Ponto 3 one of the things I have really noticed is that when I am in noisy places whether that is concerts or anywhere else, you get the full experience and do not miss any sounds"

Jamina, single-sided deafness, Ponto 3 SuperPower

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If you are considering a bone anchored sound processor, ask your audiologist to try the Ponto 3 SuperPower.

If you like what you hear, you can look forward to even better results once you’ve had surgery.

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Try the Ponto 3 SuperPower in different listening environments to get a full sound experience.

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