Ponto softband

The Softband 5

For children and adults with hearing loss, the Softband 5 provides the opportunity to try out and experience the Ponto System — with no surgery involved. 

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The Ponto Softband gives children and adults the opportunity to try out and experience the Ponto System with no surgery involved

How does it work?

The adjustable Softband 5 is simply worn around your head. When you attach the Ponto sound processor, it sends sound waves through the bone and on to the inner ear. This gives you access to the renowned, high-quality Ponto sound .

How does the Ponto softband work?

The Softband 5 features

  • Impressive sound transmission
  • Wide selection of colours
  • Two adjustable sizes for a snug and tailored fit
  • Safety release that opens if the Softband gets caught
  • Quality design and materials for comfortable all-day use 

Parts of Ponto softband

Open up your child's world of hearing

For children in particular, early support can mean the difference between hearing sound and learning language, or letting hearing loss stand in the way of development. With the Softband 5 and a Ponto sound processor, children have early access to speech and sounds so they can explore and interact with the world around them. This gives them a great foundation for speech development.

Ponto softband is comfortable - no matter the age

Tough play requires a robust design

No child likes to sit still, which is why the Softband 5 is designed to withstand the wear and tear of children’s daily life. Combined with the reliability and durability of a Ponto 5 sound processor, Softband 5 is ready to help your child explore the world.

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Colours of Ponto softband


Create your own look

With eight different colours available, you can be sure to find the Softband 5 that matches your style. You can also personalise your sound processor with our wide range of skins and stickers.

You can wear your Ponto softband on your favorite hat

Wear it on your favourite hat 

If you prefer, you can attach the Connector and the sound processor to your favourite cap or other piece of headgear.

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