Ponto 4 introduction

Upgrade your sound processor for better hearing

Investing in your hearing health is always a great idea. At Oticon Medical, we are known for pushing the boundaries of technology and continuously developing sound processors that change the lives of people with mixed hearing loss. 

When upgrading your Ponto sound processor to the next generation, you can benefit from outstanding sound quality with high bandwidth, state-of-the-art reliability, durability and product quality - with no additional surgery.

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Ponto sound processors are available in a range of different models.
The Ponto comparison chart below makes it easy for you to compare features and benefits and to find the Ponto that is right for you.

Compare sound processors

Ponto 3

Ponto 4

Ponto 5 Mini

Introduction year




Fitting range

Up to 45 dB HL

Up to 45 dB HL

Up to 45 dB HL

Size (LxWxH)

34 x 21 x 11 mm

26 x 19 x 11 mm
World’s smallest

26 x 19 x 11 mm
Still the smallest in the world


BrainHearing Technology

Open sound experience

OpenSound Navigator
Enables a 360° soundscape

OpenSound Navigator
Enables a 360° soundscape

OpenSound Optimizer
Detects and prevents audible feedback from occurring

Noise reduction

TriState Noise reduction

OpenSound Navigator
Precise analysis of the sound environment for ultra-fast noise removal

OpenSound Navigator
Precise analysis of the sound environment for ultra-fast noise removal

Feedback management

Inium Sense feedback shield

Feedback shield LX

Feedback shield LX

OpenSound Optimizer
Detects and prevents audible feedback from occurring

50 times faster data processing than Inium Sense.
Outstanding resolution with 64 frequency channels.
New acoustic measurements 56.000 per sec. enabling OpenSound Optimizer.

Technology platform

Inium Sense
15 frequency channels

Velox S™
50 times faster data processing than Inium Sense.
Outstanding resolution with 64 frequency channels.

Velox S™
50 times faster data processing than Inium Sense.
Outstanding resolution with 64 frequency channels.
New acoustic measurements 56.000 per sec. enabling OpenSound Optimizer.


Special purpose programme

3 special purpose programmes
Speech in noise / Comfort / Music

Connectivity and streaming

Stereo streaming

Via Oticon Medical Streamer

2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy

2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy

Made for iPhone®

Better speech understanding and no audible feedback

The world’s smallest sound processor is still a Ponto. The new Ponto 5 Mini is small, discreet, powerful and packed with technology.


  • More than 20% better speech understanding and less listening effort1
  • Premium sound quality with no audible feedback2 due to OpenSound Optimizer™  
  • Delivers up to 6 dB more stable gain* 2
  • Hear sounds all around you with OpenSound Navigator™ technology
  • Simple to connect to all your favourite digital devices
  • Oticon RemoteCare App for online appointments and adjustments

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*When measured on Ponto 5 Mini

  • Advances in sound processing technology

    Sound processing in Ponto devices is under constant development to provide you with the most recent technology and improved performance. In Ponto 5 Mini, OpenSound Navigator™ allows you to enjoy a full, balanced soundscape across all listening environments. By allowing more sounds to the brain, you have the option to shift your attention, to switch conversations and to follow what's going on. Additionally, OpenSound Optimizer™ technology provides a unique way of detecting and preventing audible feedback from occurring. 

    The new Ponto 5 Mini is designed to optimise your hearing experience, let you enjoy new features, and deliver more wireless capabilities that help you stay connected to the world around you. It even allows you to attend online appointments with your audiologist and have sound processor adjustments carried out remotely. 

  • Changes in your hearing or lifestyle

    Hearing loss and your ability to process sound can change over time, as can your listening needs. If you have experienced changes in your hearing it might be a good time to speak to your audiologist about whether an upgrade is the right solution. Your audiologist can assess your current listening needs, allow you to try the latest sound processors, and may recommend an upgrade to new technologies that are better able to suit your needs.

  • Sound Processor reaching end of life

    While the Ponto sound processors are designed for durability and reliability, damage or loss can occur over time which may mean you need to replace your processor. However, you do not need to wait until your sound processor stops working. Pre-emptively upgrading will keep you one step ahead, and if you have had your sound processor for several years it’s probably time to upgrade.

Talk to your audiologist about Ponto upgrade

Try out the Ponto 5 Mini

Upgrading your Ponto starts by talking to your audiologist who can help you navigate the upgrade process. Your audiologist can also explain the benefits of an upgrade and let you see, feel and try out different sound processor models on the abutment you already have. Choosing to upgrade requires no additional surgery or downtime.

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Learn why Camilla loved upgrading to a new Ponto

Camilla was born with bilateral microtia and atresia and wore a traditional hearing aid for almost 30 years until she learned about bone anchored solutions. After trying different brands of bone anchored devices, Camilla decided that a Ponto was just the right solution for her. Fast-forwarding to today, she was later upgraded to a next-generation Ponto. Watch the video to hear Camilla share her upgrade experience.

Now I’m able to hear everything that’s around me.

Discover the community of Ponto users all over the world. Read their stories, hear their experiences and find out more about their Ponto solutions.

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1. Manuscript in preparation, Data on File - Clinical study BC102
2. Data on file at Oticon Medical