Individualised fittings


To get the best out of your cochlear implant system, it must be carefully fitted by a professional audiologist. The DigiMap fitting software gives your audiologist the tools needed to efficiently adapt your cochlear implant system to give you the exact hearing performance your lifestyle demands.

Understanding the fitting process

At the first fitting with your audiologist, the cochlear implant system is turned on and your audiologist will make the first adjustments. Over the next few months, you will probably need to attend more fitting sessions to customise your cochlear implant system, further improving sound quality and speech audibility. Once the settings are considered stable and match your needs, most people only visit their audiologist once a year for a check-up. 

DigiMap supports advanced sound processing

The DigiMap software package has been designed to help audiologists quickly and easily improve the hearing performance of your Neuro solution during these fitting sessions. It supports the advanced sound processing technology of the Neuro System and has features that enable the audiologist to adapt the software to your individual listening needs.

Three of the main sound processing features included in DigiMap are:
 Free Focus — improves directionality so you can keep up with conversations in all types of situation
 Voice Guard — enhances speech audibility by protecting the speech signal
 Voice Track — identifies and dampens the volume of background noise so you can focus on speech


Tailored to your wireless needs

If you already use different audio systems such as FM or the TV, your audiologist can use DigiMap to tailor your cochlear implant system during the fitting sessions. The Neuro One sound processor can be programmed with up to four different programmes, enabling you to easily switch between different devices.


Full set of diagnostics tools

Using the DigiMap software, your audiologist can also check the settings and overall integrity of your cochlear implant system. You can rest at ease since your cochlear implant system is always working properly, and so you can certainly benefit from a hearing performance of the highest quality.


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