Neuro 2 Fitting Software

Genie Medical CI 5

With the new release of Genie Medical CI, we offer you and your patients an even better fitting experience.


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Enhanced to optimise your fitting experience

Genie Medical CI is the fitting software for Neuro 2 sound processors connected to the CI-Link unit. It’s designed to help you provide fittings and adjustments that meet the individual needs of each user, as well as perform objective measurements.

Developed in collaboration with audiologists, Genie Medical CI fitting software gives you a set of audiological fitting tools and automated objective measurements. Genie Medical CI is designed for audiologists to be efficient and easy to use.


Data logging – improve patient usage with real-life data

Capture real-life usage information about your patients and advise patients about improved usage of their sound processor.

Supporting you – so you can better support your patients

We’re dedicated to empowering audiologists with ongoing improvements to our solutions. And we continuously strive towards delivering the best possible sound experience to your patients.

Threshold adjustments based on the acoustic frequencies selection

Direct, Smooth and Audiometric thresholds adjustments

Frequency-related thresholds display

Data logging – improve patient usage with real-life data

Automated objective measures, including Impedance, Neuro ECAP 2.0 and EABR

Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 compatible

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