FAQ Cochlear Implants Connectivity

  • Can I use my Streamer XM with Neuro 2 straight out-of-the-box?

    If this is the first time you are using a Streamer XM, you will first need to enable the Streamer XM feature. This takes just a few minutes but needs to be done with your CI audiologist on GMCI (Neuro 2 fitting software). Once it is done, you will not have to do it again, e.g. if you get an other Streamer XM.

    Note: Your Streamer XM will also be functional with other Neuro 2 from other users (open mode) if they have also activated the Streamer feature on the Neuro 2 fitting software. Therefore, in this situation, another Neuro 2 user may be able to use your Streamer  (as long as the accessories are already paired)

  • Can I connect/pair my Streamer XM to several accessories?

    Yes. Streamer XM can connect to up to five active wireless devices (2 phones, 1 microphone, 1 TV and 1 A2DP) and to an additional 1 jack, 1 T-coil, 1 FM.

    Active = powered on and paired.

  • Can I still change volume and programmes if these are disabled on Neuro 2 (e.g. for my child)?

    Yes. Streamer can be used as a remote control (without streaming) even if the volume and programme change are disabled on Neuro 2 (volume and programme change).
    Note: this is important for parents allowing to change programmes (via the Streamer XM) to next progressive steps while the child cannot do it on his own (because volume and program controls are disabled in Neuro 2).

  • Can I pair my Streamer XM with several TVs (selectme feature)?

    Yes you can. If you want to access two (or more) different TVs, you need two TV adapters, one for each TV. Then:

    1. Pair each TV adapter with your Streamer XM so that they are memorised by your Streamer XM.

    2. To switch between TV adapters, make sure you are not connected to any TV adapter (Streamer is turned on but not active, i.e. not actively streaming).

    3. Briefly press the ‘Selectme’ button on the TV adapter you wish to hear the sound from (a small round red button on the back of the TV adapter).

    4. The TV adapter is automatically connected and you will hear a confirmation beep followed by the sound of the TV.

  • Is the microphone a good solution for school?

    The Oticon ConnectLine microphone is more accessible than FM in terms of price and ease of use.

    However, FM and Roger systems provide a larger frequency bandwidth and thereby better access to all speech cues. This is necessary for a child’s speech and language development. Therefore, we recommend the use of an FM/Roger system for children at school.

  • Can I use the Roger X or FM receiver with Streamer XM?

    Roger X and FM systems (such as Amigo R2 from Oticon) use a Europin so they are compatible with the Streamer.  Just plug it in the Europin socket connector under the Streamer.

    Any questions related to using the Roger System should be addressed to Phonak.

  • Both Streamer XM and my Neuro 2 have a built-in telecoil. Which one should I use?

    It is more practical with the Streamer (bimodal and bilateral).

    The Streamer XM built-in telecoil may be less sensitive to some interferences in specific environments. This may provide a better sound quality, however you can select the one you prefer.

    The battery consumption of Neuro 2 is similar for both systems.

    Press the AUX button for approximately two seconds to get the T-coil mode.

  • Is there a risk of another Streamer interfering with sound for my child at school?

    No. It is unlikely you will have any issues as only your child‘s hearing devices can receive commands and sound from the Streamer. 

    Note: this is why you don’t need to connect the Streamer to your hearing devices.

  • Which accessories are compatible with the Streamer for use in CI?

    1. Neck Loops*

    2. Protective skins*

    3. Power supply

    4. Charge cradle*

    5. USB cable


    Note: *available in 2 colours (black and white, dark and light grey for the neck loop)

  • How should I pair my Streamer XM?

    Before the Streamer XM can be used with other devices, the two devices have to be paired:

    1. Press and hold the Streamer XM on/off button approximately until the indicator next to the on/off button flashes blue (takes about five to six seconds).

    2. Put the other device (e.g. mobile phone) into pairing mode: select Bluetooth in your phone settings (refer to your phone instructions for use, if needed) and select ‘Streamer OM’

    3. If a password is required, the pin code is 0000 (four zeros).

    4. Once paired, the device (e.g. the mobile phone) will display a headset icon (sometimes colours invert or arrows may be displayed). At the same time, the Streamer XM indicator will be a steady blue.