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    Oticon Medical is always ready to help you if you need assistance with your cochlear implant.

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  • Instructional videos

    These videos give you some practical tips on caring for your sound processor.

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  • Read the troubleshooting guide

    In this guide, you can read about the typical issues that you may experience with your sound processor and how you should handle them.

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  • Having problems with your sound processor or accessories?

    If you experience any problems with your sound processor or its accessories that can’t be resolved using the troubleshooting guide, you can send your processor or its accessories in for repair. 

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  • Covid-19 and cleaning your Neuro 2 sound processor

    Information for all Neuro 2 users and care givers


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  • Find out about user support associations

    There are a number of associations that support people with cochlear implants. 

    Please contact your local Oticon Medical office or distributor for info on cochlear implant user associations in your local area.

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