Based on the most advanced sound technology

Our connection to Demant provides access to the latest advancements in hearing research and technologies. This enables Ponto users to enjoy the latest advanced sound processing system.

Hearing aid users all over the world have already had their lives changed by the groundbreaking technology in Oticon Opn. Now this technology is available for the first time to bone anchored users with Ponto 4. This unique technology gives constant access to 360-degree sound. The result is a full and open soundscape. 

The Velox S™ platform
The unique Velox S™ platform is made for sound processing in hearing aids. It offers speed and precision - 50 times faster than our previous platform and with a market leading 64 frequency channels - Velox S is fast enough to follow rapidly changing conversation with multiple speakers even in noisy sound environments.



open sound navigator

Multiple speakers? No problem

With OpenSound Navigator™ technology, Ponto 4 makes it easy to switch your focus between speakers. This groundbreaking technology scans the listening environment to constantly analyse speech and remove noise. This lets you keep up with the dynamics of complex listening environments and manage multiple speakers at the same time.  

Two-stage Feedback Management System

To avoid potential feedback that can interrupt speech understanding and communication, Ponto sound processors feature a Two-stage Feedback Management System. First, the individual feedback limit is measured in the Feedback Analyser during fitting, and then the Feedback Shield LX feature limits feedback during everyday life. 

With Feedback shield LX, Ponto 4 delivers ultrafast and effective feedback management without compromising audibility or sound quality. 


Wind Noise Management

All Ponto sound processors have wind noise reduction systems to overcome the problem of wind hitting the microphones of the sound processor. By automatically adjusting the amplification as soon as wind noise is detected, listening outdoors becomes easier.



Speech Guard

The Speech Guard feature is designed to preserve the subtle details that make voices easier to distinguish – even if there are sudden noise-related changes in the sound environment.


Tri-state Noise Reduction

This system improves listening comfort by identifying whether only speech or noise or a combination of the two are present in any situation. The sound processor reduces background noise while protecting speech clarity. This makes complex situations significantly smoother and easier, for example, when a conversation moves from a quiet car to a busy street.

Only in Ponto 3 and Ponto Plus


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