Based on the most advanced sound technology

Our connection to Demant provides access to the latest advancements in hearing research and technologies. This enables Ponto users to enjoy the latest advanced sound processing system.

Our state-of-the-art platform, the lnium Sense chip platform, brings you increased processing power and advanced sound processing technologies for improved signal clarity. This helps your brain decode sound and focus on the important details. This platform offers a reliable and proven combination of high performance, small size and low power consumption.


Two-stage Feedback Management System

To avoid potential feedback that can interrupt speech understanding and communication, Ponto sound processors feature a Two-stage Feedback Management System. First, the individual feedback limit is measured in the Feedback Manager during fitting, and then the Dynamic Feedback Cancellation (DFC) feature limits feedback during everyday life. 

Ponto 3 and Ponto Plus feature our most advanced DFC systems, Inium Sense feedback shield and Inium feedback shield, with more tools for effective feedback management. Allowing users to enjoy the world of sound without having to worry about how their sound processor will react. 620x225-BAHS-solutions-systems-ponto3-effective-feedback-control


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The UltraDrive™ technology in Ponto 3 SuperPower provides more power to the transducer, resulting in higher output over the entire frequency range.



Adaptive signal processing including split directionality

Directionality lets you focus on the voice in front of you by fading out other sounds. Ponto sound processors continuously analyse information from the environment and automatically choose a directionality mode – full directionality, split directionality or surround mode. Ponto 3 features our most advanced directionality system, Free Focus – proven to provide 15% better speech understanding 70% of the time*, as it improves the Surround mode, which is typically active 70% of the time. 


Wind noise reduction

The great outdoors can seem less great when wind hits the microphones of the sound processor. The Ponto sound processor’s wind noise reduction system aims to combat this problem by automatically adjusting the amplification as soon as wind noise is detected.

Wind noise reduction


Speech Guard

Distortion has typically been one of the biggest issues facing users of all types of hearing aids. The Speech Guard feature is designed to preserve the subtle details that make voices easier to distinguish and speech easier to understand – even if there are any sudden, noise-related changes in the sound environment.


Tri-state Noise Reduction

This system improves listening comfort by identifying whether only speech or noise or a combination of the two are present in any situation. The sound processor reduces background noise while protecting speech clarity. This makes complex situations significantly smoother and easier, for example, when a conversation moves from a quiet car to a busy street.


Learning volume control

If you consistently adjust your volume control in specific listening situations over a period of time, the sound processor will remember this. The next time you are in a similar situation, it will automatically remember your adjustments.