Answer calls, watch TV, listen to music with the Oticon Medical Streamer, you can do all of this and more

Enjoy sound from all your favourite devices

Answer calls, watch TV, listen to music– with the Oticon Medical Streamer, you can do all of this and more. It lets you connect to your favourite electronic devices and stream the sound through your sound processor.

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  • Ponto softband

    Try the Ponto on a soft band

    With the Ponto Softband, both adults and children can try out a Ponto sound processor – without needing surgery. This can help children overcome hearing loss and develop their language skills. The Ponto Softband can be easily adjusted, so even very young children can wear it.

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  • Ponto skins and stickers

    Personalise your sound processor

    A range of colourful skins and stickers lets you personalise your sound processor. The skins and stickers can be used with all Ponto sound processor models.

  • FM receiver

    Use FM systems

    If you use Ponto 3 or the Ponto Plus range of sound processors, you can wirelessly connect to an FM system using the Oticon Medical Streamer and an FM receiver with a European two-pin plug. The Ponto Pro sound processors can also be used with FM systems by attaching the Europlug directly to the sound processor.


  • Telecoil

    Connect to looped environments

    Places like theatres, cinemas, auditoriums and classrooms often have teleloop systems to make listening easier for people with hearing loss. The Ponto 3 and Ponto Plus range of sound processors can be used with the Oticon Medical Streamer, which has a built-in telecoil. Users of Ponto Pro sound processor models must attach a telecoil unit to the sound processor. 

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  • Audio adaptor

    Connect to headphone outlets

    The audio adapter enables you to connect your Ponto Pro sound processor to any audio unit with a headphone output. This includes external hi-fi equipment such as stereos, MP3 players and televisions.


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  • Safety band

    Safety line prevents Ponto from falling off

    The safety line can be attached to both the sound processor and your clothing to reduce the risk of loss or damage when wearing during physical activities.

Ponto 3 - small, but powerful

Caring for your sound processor

Download the Ponto Care Guide for useful tips about keeping the abutment area healthy and how to handle everyday situations.

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I often play electronic games with a college friend on my PlayStation, and the streamer lets me use the sound processors as a headset. If my phone rings or I get a text, the PlayStation cuts out and I can take the call or answer the text. It works virtually perfectly.

James, conductive hearing loss and bilateral microtia