Meet users of bone anchored hearing solutions

Whenever users are asked about what they want from a bone anchored hearing system, they talk about three things: understanding speech, sound quality and design. Ponto sound processors are designed to offer all of these benefits. 

Read about user experiences with Ponto for single-sided deafness or conductive/mixed hearing loss below. 



Single-sided deafness (SSD)

  • Meet the users of bone anchored hearing solutions

    Meet Ross

    Ross, a 43-year-old pastor, felt he lost part of his personality after suffering a sudden hearing loss. Now that he has his Ponto Plus, he feels back to normal again.

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  • Meet Nancy - a Ponto user

    Meet Nancy

    Nancy was diagnosed with otosclerosis at age 17 and lost hearing in her left ear. Nancy tried a number of solutions before finding success with the Ponto Plus.

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  • Meet Reuben - a Ponto user

    Meet Reuben

    A lively 9-year-old with single-sided deafness who relies on his new bone anchored hearing system to keep up in school. talk to friends and beat his brother in computer games.

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  • Meet Kevin - a Ponto user

    Meet Kevin

    A 19-year-old college student who no longer has to position himself strategically in order to hear people clearly.

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  • Jane Doe

    Meet Rebecca

    Rebecca was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma in August 2013. After several surgeries, setbacks and a long insurance battle, she was fitted with a Ponto Plus in early 2015.

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  • Meet Hazel - a Ponto user

    Meet Hazel

    Jillian Shelton and her family adopted their daughter Hazel when she was 18 months old. Wanting their daughter who was born with bilateral microtia and sensorineural hearing loss resulting in a moderate mixed hearing loss to have the best hearing care possible, they began exploring bone anchored hearing systems as a possible solution.


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  • Meet Kris - a Ponto user

    Meet Kris

    Kris, a 29-year-old new mum with single-sided deafness, knows that even the tiniest and sweetest sounds are too precious to miss.

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  • Meet Bethany - a Ponto user

    Meet Bethany

    Bethany has single-sided deafness and uses a Ponto Plus. Hear her story of how she’s found that the Ponto system fills a void that hearing loss created.

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  • Meet Oscar - a Ponto user

    Meet Oscar

    An eight-year-old boy with SSD caused by meningitis — who now has more energy at the end of the day thanks to Ponto Pro.

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Conductive/mixed hearing loss

  • Meet Jack - a Ponto user

    Meet Jack

    A 10-year-old boy with bilateral microtia and atresia who now finds it easier to pay attention in class because of his Ponto Plus sound processors.

    Meet Jack

  • Meet Andrew - a Ponto user

    Meet Andrew

    Fourteen-year-old Andrew was struggling to keep up with conversations and in school, but then he was helped by two Ponto sound processors.

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  • Meet James - a Ponto user

    Meet James

    With his Ponto Plus sound processor, 18-year-old James can now enjoy the wide variety of sounds in his life — from listening to teachers at college to gaming with friends on his PlayStation.

    Meet James

  • Meet Aly - a Ponto user

    Meet Aly

    An 18-year-old student born with atresia who thinks that choosing Ponto Plus was the best decision she ever made.

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  • Jane Doe

    Meet Amy

    A two-time survivor of cholesteatoma, and a Ponto Plus and Oticon Medical Streamer user.

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  • Jane Doe

    Meet Liza

    A beautiful, bright 12-year-old from Russia who was born with bilateral microtia and atresia.

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  • Meet Thersia

    A 45-year-old analyst programmer from South Africa who spent most of her life battling hearing loss, until she discovered Ponto.

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  • Meet Robb - a Ponto user

    Meet Robb

    A 41-year-old oncology sales rep with unilateral conductive hearing loss—whose new Ponto Pro means he no longer has to angle for the best seat at the meeting to keep up with the conversation.

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  • Meet Winslow - a Ponto user

    Meet Winslow

    A seven-year-old boy with bilateral conductive hearing loss. Watch how Winslow and his mum talk about their considerations and feelings during the process of getting an implant.

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  • Meet Justin - a Ponto user

    Meet Justin

    A 30-year-old human resources professional who enjoys the sound quality of his Ponto Pro.

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  • Meet Rosalee - a Ponto user

    Meet Rosalee

    5 year old Rosalee was born with unilateral microtia and atresia on her left side.  Thanks to Ponto 3 she is getting the best quality of sound as she begins kindergarten.


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  • Meet Fabian

    Fabian is 12 months old and was born with a closed auditory canal. As the Ponto from Oticon Medical achieves excellent results in terms of bone conduction for babies, Fabian was fitted with a Ponto 3 on a softband at the age of eight months.

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