Powering your Brain with the Ponto 3 System

Learn how all users can benefit from the BrainHearing™ technology in the  Ponto 3 family to enhance your sound experience and power your brain!

February 2,
May 24,
October 10
12:15-1 pm EST
3:15-4 pm EST


Different Approaches to Bone-Anchored Hearing Solutions

Learn about the different transmission options and the clinical evidence supporting why Direct Sound Transmission is so important for every BAHS user.

March 22, 
June 22, 
November 8
12:15-1 pm EST
3:15-4 pm EST


Benefits of the Percutaneous System

"I was blown away by how natural sounding [Ponto] was," says a Ponto user. As the most powerful family of abutment-level sound processors, Ponto 3 provides a superior sound experience and gives you speech understanding. Learn about the advantages of an abutment system, and what Ponto 3 can do for you.

April 27, 
September 13, 
December 7
12:15-1 pm EST
3:15-4 pm EST