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Getting started with your Ponto 4

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the coronavirus is a respiratory virus that can be passed from an infected person primarily through droplets generated from coughing or sneezing, or from droplets of saliva or nose discharge. It may also be transmitted by those who are not showing symptoms. The WHO have communicated guidelines on hygiene and the protectives measures against Covid-19 spread and how we can all protect ourselves and others. You can found “Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) – Advice for public” on WHO website.

During the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic we have received several questions from recipients and care givers about how they can clean their Ponto Sound Processor. You will find below additional information to clean your Ponto sound processor. If you have any additional questions, please contact your local Oticon Medical representative.

The Instruction for Use for your Ponto includes instruction on care and maintenance of your sound processor. Instructions for use are available to download from

Disinfecting is not needed for normal care of your Ponto and Oticon Medical would in normal circumstances not recommend extra cleaning as this increases the risk of damage to the sound processor. During this pandemic we have however set some options below you can use if you believe your Ponto have been contaminated.

The following “cleaning your sound processor” is sufficient to ensure care. If you believe your Ponto sound processor has been contaminated by Covid-19, you may directly read the second section “Covid-19 sound processor cleaning procedure”.


Cleaning Your Sound Processorbahs-cleaning-your-sound-processor

  • Before handling your Ponto or any of its accessories, clean your hands to kill viruses that may be on your hand. The WHO edited instructions to do it the right way. We recommend regular cleaning of your sound processor and its components:
    • Hold the Ponto sound processor over a soft/dry surface to avoid any damage if it is dropped.
    • Use a soft, dry cloth or soft brush to clean the sound processor.
    • Special attention should be given to the coupling to remove any dirt or entangled hair. Entangled hair or dirt can be removed by using a pair of tweezers.
      Important: Do not use any corrosive or abrasive substance to clean your sound processor. The sound processor must never be washed or immersed in water or other liquids.


Covid-19 sound processor cleaning procedure

Please note that the following process is only a recommendation according to current knowledge and the efficiency of the cleaning has not been tested on Covid-19. Use of cleaning fluids is not included in the instructions for use for the Ponto sound processor. Oticon Medical have not tested the long-term use of cleaning fluids on the sound processor. This may lead to degraded materials, discoloration and cracks in plastic and may also damage the coating. If you notice any discoloration while cleaning, immediately stop applying the disinfectant, and let any remaining liquid on the device’s surface dry up.

  • Oticon Medical recommends the use of ready-to-use cleaning wipes saturated with a solution of 70% isopropanol alcohol and 30% deionized water. If such wipes are not available in your area you may use dry wipes and dip them into a similar cleaning fluid. Do not use ethanol as this may damage the sound processor.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States has published a list of possible disinfectants that can be used against SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). 


The instructions below are based on the EPA list and are provided as a guide only.


  • Use a wipe, soft cloth(s), cotton buds/cotton swabs or pad – to apply cleaning fluid
  • Use a clean toothbrush or soft brush – for use on the connector. 
  • Use a soft dry cloth – to dry the device and remove any residual cleaning fluid.


  1. Wash or clean your hands and clean the sound processor as stated above in “Cleaning your sound processor section”.
  2. Remove all accessories/personalization from the sound processor
  3. Use the cleaning wipes to moisten the surface of the device and the accessories carefully. 20 – 30 seconds for alcohol cleaner (60 – 70%)
  4. Let the liquid dry on the device’s surface. Do not wipe dry immediately as the cleaning fluid needs time to act on the surface to have a better disinfecting effect:
    Do not apply too much liquid on the surface as this may damage your audio processor.
    Be especially careful when you are applying the disinfectant close to openings.
  5. If the recommended disinfectant is used and not too much liquid is applied, the substance will dry by itself. If not, please use a soft dry cloth to dry any residual liquid.
  6. The disinfection process is now completed. Now wash or clean your hands after disinfecting the device.



  • Always read the instructions for use of a cleaning fluid. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not submerge / immerse the sound processor with any fluid.
  • Do not sprinkle or spray the sound processor with any fluid
  • Thoroughly clean your hands before and after cleaning or use clean disposable gloves. Work on a clean surface.
  • If you notice any discoloration while cleaning, immediately stop applying the disinfectant, and let any remaining liquid on the device’s surface dry up.
  • Check the percentage or concentration of the active ingredients (isopropanol should be between 60 and 70%)
  • Hand sanitizers (containing ethanol) should not be used as they have not been tested on Ponto.


Note: These procedures will not eliminate the risk for cross infection. 

Ponto compatibility

Oticon Medical sound processor compatibility

Here you can see which connectivity solutions your sound processor support.


Compatible Apple devices

Compatibility for Oticon Medical Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch sound processors and Oticon apps.

  • iPad models

    iPad Pro 11-inch (2018)

    iPad (6th Generation)

    iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation)

    iPad Pro 10.5-inch

    iPad (5th generation)

    iPad Pro 9.7-inch

    iPad Pro 12.9-inch

    iPad Air 2

    iPad mini 4

    iPad mini 3

    iPad Air

    iPad mini 2

    iPad mini

    iPad (4th generation)

  • iPhone models

    iPhone XS

    iPhone XS Max

    iPhone XR

    iPhone X

    iPhone 8

    iPhone 8 Plus

    iPhone 7

    iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone SE

    iPhone 6s

    iPhone 6s Plus

    iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 Plus

    iPhone 5s

    iPhone 5c

    iPhone 5

  • iPod models

    iPod touch (6th generation)

    iPod touch (5th generation)

  • Apple Watch

    Apple Watch Series 4

    Apple Watch Series 3

    Apple Watch Series 2

    Apple Watch Series 1

    Apple Watch (1st generation)


    *Apple watch is only compatible with the Oticon Companion App installed on smartphone.

The sound processor can connect directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so you can stream audio, e.g. phone calls, stereo music, video sound, and audiobooks directly to your sound processor.

  • Sound processors are compatible with devices running iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Oticon Companion App is compatible with devices running iOS 10.3 or later. Ponto 4 sound processors require firmware 1.0 or later.

Compatible Android devices

Compatibility for Oticon Medical wireless sound processors and Oticon apps

  • Samsung

    Samsung Galaxy S9

    Samsung Galaxy S9+

    Samsung Galaxy S8

    Samsung Galaxy S8+

    Samsung Galaxy S7

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Samsung Galaxy S6

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Google

    Google Pixel

    Google Pixel XL

    Google Pixel 2

  • Sony

    Sony Xperia XA

    Sony Xperia XZ

    Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

  • Other

    Motorola Nexus 6

    HTC M9

    HTC 10

    Huawei P10

    LG G5

    LG Nexus 5x

  • Sound processors and Oticon Companion App are compatible with the devices above. We recommend that your Android mobile device runs Android OS version 7.0 (Nougat) or later. Ponto 4 sound processors require firmware 1.0 or later to run HearingFitness..

Compatible Oticon apps

Oticon On app and Ponto 4

Oticon ON App 

Features in Oticon ON App:

  • Remote control
  • HearingFitness
  • OpenSound Booster

System and software requirements:
Apple devices: iOS 10.3 or later.
Android devices: Android OS Version 7.0 (Nougat) or later.
Ponto 4: Firmware 1.0 or later to run HearingFitness.

Tip for iPad users:
To download the Oticon ON App on iPad, search for Oticon, and use the filter: iPhone only.

Info for Apple Watch users:
Apple Watch supports volume and program changes.

Download the Oticon ON App 

Download the Otion On App in the App Store        Download the Otion On App in Google Play


Compatible Oticon wireless accessories

Ponto 4 hands free phone call


ConnectClip works directly with your Ponto 4 sound processors and can also be used with the Oticon Companion App.

Mobile device and accessory requirement:
Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR or later.

Other Oticon accessories:

  • Remote control 3.0 
  • TV Adapter 3.0 
  • Phone Adapter 2.0 (requires ConnectClip) 
  • BTD 800 USB dongle (requires ConnectClip)

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