Get empowered with the Ponto Care™ app – your guide to simple and easy care


The Ponto Care™ app helps you to:

  • Find useful information about daily life with bone anchored hearing and Ponto, such as travel tips, good habits and testimonials

  • Use the smart camera to check your implant site and store photos with comments in a dedicated album on your phone

  • Keep track of your hearing with the digital diary


The Ponto Care™ app is simple to download and easy to use — your hearing care professional can show you how right in their office. It is free to download for both iOS® and Android™ devices via the App Store® or Google Play™. Your hearing care professional can help you download and install the app during a visit.


Oticon Companion app

Conventional Control of Ponto 5 Superpower, Ponto 5 Mini and Ponto 4

  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aids
  • Switch seamlessly between programmes
  • Check the battery level
  • Locate your hearing aid if you lose it
  • Control sound from Oticon TV Adapter, ConnectClip and EduMic
  • Stream conversations directly into your ears with the remote microphone function*


*Available for Apple devices only

Oticon Connectline app

The ConnectLine App lets patients adjust the volume, change programs on the sound processor and switch between sound sources discreetly and easily.
They can switch between input sources, e.g. television, music player or phone, and customize settings from their smartphone or tablet.