Overcome hearing loss

The Ponto System helps you overcome hearing loss

If you are deaf on one side or have outer or middle ear problems, Ponto may be the solution for you. Ponto uses the body’s natural ability to transfer sound through bone conduction, and it can be the support you need to participate more in daily life.

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I have to say that the fitting was pretty amazing. It was raining that day. When I drove home, I could hear the ping of the raindrops on my windscreen. I thought, “Oh my gosh, I can hear everything — every little detail.”

Robb, conductive hearing loss

It’s like wearing glasses

“It’s like wearing glasses”

Most Ponto users quickly get used to the idea of snapping on their Ponto sound processor in the morning to switch on more sound. With its outstanding sound quality and user-friendly discreet design, it has helped thousands of users around the world at work, at school and in daily life.

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Easy to use with your tv, phone, computer and more

Easy to use with your TV, phone, computer and more

Use your Ponto with the Oticon Medical Streamer and you can wirelessly connect to your world of communication and entertainment.

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It was fantastic. It was just before Christmas, and my Ponto was by far the best Christmas present I got.

Louise, single-sided deafness

Ponto means sound quality

Ponto means sound quality

Ask a Ponto user about Ponto sound and they will talk about natural sounds, great listening and easy communication. In fact, Ponto sound quality is so close to natural that Ponto users frequently tell us that they often forget they’re even wearing a sound processor.

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I no longer have to remind him to wear his sound processor. He can see that it benefits him, and that’s the big difference. Even at the noisy after-school club, he will wear the new sound processor. In the past, that’s where he would take his hearing aid off.

Louise, mother of Reuben, single-sided deafness, Ponto Pro Power