The sound processor you can rely on

Ponto users don’t let their hearing loss stand in the way of enjoying all aspects of daily life. They know their Ponto is designed to support an active lifestyle and deliver the high-quality sound they rely on, day in and day out.

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Enjoy clear speech

Enjoy clear speech

Hearing is about being able to communicate freely and effortlessly – even in demanding situations. The powerful Ponto sound processor is designed to make it easier for you to understand what others are saying by protecting speech clarity and fading out background noise. 

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I am not a crier, but when I put the Ponto on I almost started crying. I could hear. It was clear. There was no feedback, no buzzing. Then they turned on the Streamer and hooked it up with my phone. I have not looked back since.

Nancy, single-sided deafness

Ponto means sound quality

In bone conduction hearing, power is everything

Conversations in a crowded room, enjoying music at a live concert or walking outside in windy or rainy weather. These are just some of the everyday situations that can make daily life challenging with a hearing loss. And this is where the power of Ponto 3 makes the difference.

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Streamer and Processors

Connect to your world of communication and entertainment

The Oticon Medical Streamer is the one access point you need to control how you stream sound into your Ponto sound processor from your electronic devices – wirelessly and discreetly.

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It’s helped me in my job. It’s now easier for me to participate in meetings.

Annette, single-sided deafness

Stickers and covers

Your Ponto, your style

Ponto sound processors are available in dedicated left and right versions with a smooth, side-specific organic contour.

Choose a Ponto in a shade that matches your hair color, or personalize your Ponto using a range of skins and stickers.


BrainHearing™ – because your brain is the most important part of hearing

If you have a hearing loss, you know how difficult it can be to focus in noisy situations. When there are conversations and background noise, your brain has to work harder to make sense of the sounds it hears, which can leave you feeling drained. That’s why Ponto 3 supports the brain’s cognitive processes and makes listening easier. 

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A Ponto for everyone

A Ponto for everyone

Ponto is renowned for providing premium sound quality. Whatever your hearing needs, Ponto sound processors all deliver powerful sound in a discreet and user-friendly design. 

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Designed for ease of use

Designed for ease of use

The design of all Ponto sound processors is characterized by a focus on ergonomics and usability. For example, the sound processor has just one easy-to-access button for program selection or muting, and the user-friendly and tamperproof battery door makes it easy to change the battery.

Ponto 3 SuperPower - 360

The technology behind the sound quality

From reducing feedback and whistling to protecting the speech signal in crowded places or outdoors, the Ponto is full of high-tech features that make it easier for you to hear.

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