About the studies

A systematic review of the literature was carried out to find studies that have been published or presented at international scientific conferences; all studies in which a Ponto sound processor was compared to another sound processor were included. We wanted to include all studies that have been presented, regardless of the results. We found a total of 10 studies that met these criteria. The data comprises the Ponto, Ponto Pro and Ponto Pro Power sound processors, first-time users as well as experienced users of other bone anchored hearing systems, and a variety of types of hearing loss.


Reference List

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Studies show that Ponto is patients’ first choice

A methodical review of studies 1–10, which compared Oticon Medical’s Ponto sound processor with other sound processors, reveals that when users had the opportunity to test the performance of two different devices in daily life, the majority chose Ponto. This was observed consistently across the studies in which patients were asked to rate their preference at the end of the test.1–5, 8, 1

Two out of three patients prefer Ponto

When focusing on studies in which both test devices – a Ponto sound processor and a competitor’s sound processor – are new to the patient, 1, 4, 5, 8 67% of patients opted to move forward with a Ponto sound processor at the end of the study. Patients ultimately decided to use Ponto sound processors due to several indicators of their premium performance, such as high ratings for speech understanding in quiet and in noise, better sound quality, less feedback, less annoyance caused by wind noise, and ease of handling. Less than a quarter of study participants selected the competitor’s products.

Ponto wins every time

Studies only comparing Ponto to BP100/BP110 1, 4, 5, 8

Ponto wins every time

The majority of patients preferred a Ponto sound processor over the competing brand in every single direct comparison study.1–5, 8, 10 Data was collected from a total of 100 patients, 72 of whom reported that they wanted to use the Ponto sound processor.

Direct comparison studies on Ponto

Direct comparison studies 1–5, 8, 10