Getting a Ponto is a safe, simple and proven process


Getting a Ponto is a safe, simple and proven process

Bone anchored hearing systems have been used for over 40 years to help people overcome hearing loss. The process involves minor surgery to place a small titanium implant in the bone behind your ear. Once the implant has merged with your bone, you can begin using the sound processor*

Benefits of the Ponto system

* Fitting of the Ponto system is based on an individual patient evaluation, at the earliest: In Europe, CE countries, 2 weeks; in USA, 3 months.

Are you a candidate for a bone conduction hearing system?

Are you a candidate? 

Your hearing care professional can determine whether a bone conduction implant system is the right solution for you. Before making a decision, you can try out the sound processor on a test band, headband or Ponto Softband to get an idea of how beneficial it can be in various everyday situations.

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Before, sometimes I just pretended I had heard what people said to avoid them having to repeat themselves. Now I can hear everything.

Annette, single-sided deafness

BAHS is becoming an increasingly popular solution

An increasingly popular solution

Getting a bone anchored implant is safe and simple. It doesn’t take very long, and there is no risk of damage to your ear or your hearing. Close to 200,000 people worldwide have already had the surgery. But if you change your mind at any point, the procedure is reversible and the external part of the implant can be removed.

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I was suddenly able to hear the sound of my badminton racket hitting the shuttlecock. I had never heard that before.

Reuben, single-sided deafness

The Ponto uses Direct Sound Transmission to capture the sounds around you

Great sound—no muffling or dampening

The Ponto uses Direct Sound Transmission to capture the sounds around you, transmitting them through the abutment via the skull bone, directly to the inner ear and on to the brain. This avoids dampening of the sound as it travels through the skin, which is a common problem with band or magnet solutions.

Hear the difference between direct sound transmission and band or magnet solutions that do not use an abutment.

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A small, short procedure

A small procedure

The surgery involves getting a small titanium implant carefully placed in the bone behind your ear. This straightforward procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic if using the MIPS technique. In most cases, it takes no more than a day or two away from work or school to recover.

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Designed for discretion

Designed for discretion

The Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery (MIPS) has been designed to avoid the need for stitches. This keeps scarring to a minimum, speeds up the healing process and ensures that your hair will grow back and look like it did before the surgery. 

Enjoy clear and natural sound with Ponto

Enjoy clear and natural sound

Transferring sounds to the inner ear via bone conduction completely bypasses problems in your ear canal or middle ear. It can also transfer sound to your good hearing side if you suffer from single-sided deafness. 

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One size does not fit all - that's why Ponto system is available in different sizes

One size does not fit all

No two patients are alike, which is why the Ponto implant system is available in a range of sizes for different skin thicknesses and surgical techniques, including the new Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery (MIPS).

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