Bone anchored hearing systems 

Bone Anchored Hearing Systems (BAHS) Blog 
 Resources, advice and stories from bone anchored hearing system users.

Hear Together – UK Organisation for people with hearing implants

BAHA Users UK: Support for ALL Bone Anchored Hearing Technology – Bone Anchored User Support Forum on Facebook. The direct link to forum for users of bone anchored hearing systems.

Bone Anchored Hearing System Forums & User Groups 

Facebook - Various BAHA User Groups 


Acoustic neuroma & single-sided deafness (SSD)

Acoustic Neuroma Association
US organization for people with acoustic neuroma and other benign tumors of the cranial nerves.
British Acoustic Neuroma Association (Bana UK) 
A support charity for those with Acoustic Neuroma.

Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada (ANAC) 
The Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada is a patient-headed, peer support group.

Facebook - Various SSD User Groups: 


Atresia, Microtia, Treacher Collins and Goldenhar Syndrome

Ear Community 
The Ear Community is a warm and supportive community for those who have any or all of the following: varying degrees of hearing loss, Microtia, Atresia, Treacher Collins or Goldenhar Syndrome. 

Facebook - Various Microtia & Atresia User Groups :

A support charity for families and individuals affected by Goldenhar syndrome and related issues. 
Treacher Collins
A support charity for families and individuals affected by Treacher Collins Syndrome. 
Yahoo online discussion support group 
This community is intended as a forum for people with, and parents of children with Aural Atresia and/or Microtia. 
AllDeaf Forum
A forum for the deaf and hard of hearing. 

National websites

United Kingdom

Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID). 
The largest charity representing the 9 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. 
The National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) 
The leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people. 

The Netherlands 

Single-sided Deafness 
Dutch forum for people with single-sided deafness.
Dutch website for information on hearing.


Aides Auditives à Ancrage Osseux 
The purpose of this site is to give neutral and objective information on bone anchored hearing aids and to create contact between existing and potential users.


Swedish organization for parents and children with hearing implants.


Danish user organization for people with hearing loss. 

Facebook - Danish BAHA User Groups: 


Get in touch with other users

The benefits of bone anchored hearing systems vary greatly from person to person due to differences in hearing loss as well as listening preferences and lifestyle. A good way to gain insight into what life might be like with Ponto or another type of system is to talk to other users. Below are some useful links for getting in touch with other users or user organizations.

Whether you are wearing an implantable hearing device or considering wearing an implantable hearing device, there are a number of support organisations with readily available information and networks. Please advise us of any additional organisations that you would like to be added to this page. 



NDCS - National Deaf Children's Society 

The National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) is a charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people. 
To find out more please visit the  NDCS website

Hearing Link


Hearing Link 

Hearing Link is a UK charity for people with any level of hearing loss, their family and friends. It helps people to find information & support and to connect with others who have similar experiences. 
To find out more please visit the Hearing Link website

The Ear Foundation

Ear Foundation 

The aim of the Ear Foundation is to bridge the gap between clinic-based services, where today's exciting hearing technologies, such as cochlear implants & bone conducting hearing implants are fitted, and home, school and work where they are used in daily life. 
To find out more please visit the Ear Foundation website



Connevans specialises in meeting the needs of people who are deaf or hard of hearing and has developed a reputation for supplying quality products. 
To find out more please visit the Connevans website

Action on hearing loss


Action on Hearing Loss

Action on Hearing Loss are focused on how they can reach and support people with hearing loss. 
To find out more please visit the Action on  Hearing Loss website