The importance of rehabilitation

To get the best results from your cochlear implant, speech therapy rehabilitation is highly important. Its duration depends on your type of hearing loss, age and level of motivation. Throughout this period, additional support is available in the form of tools and games that can help you on the path to hearing.

For an adult with post-lingual hearing loss, rehabilitation lasts between six months and a year on average. Sometimes more extensive speech therapy is required, especially if you have not been able to hear for a long period of time.

Children with post-lingual hearing loss (for example, following meningitis) who received an implant soon after the hearing loss often achieve fast results. However, children with pre-lingual hearing loss who received the implant at a young age may take many years to master language skills and speech understanding. Older children who have had a pre-lingual hearing loss for many years generally feel more confident and are able to understand speech quicker with rehabilitation sessions. However, this can still take years, and they may still need to use lip-reading.


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