Ponto can help children too

Early identification of hearing loss and early access to sound are vital for children’s language development. The age at which children can receive a bone anchored implant varies from person to person. But with the Ponto Softband, children with conductive/mixed hearing loss or single-sided deafness can benefit from Ponto sound processors – regardless of age. Recognizing that their needs, preferences and lifestyles differ from those of adult users, Ponto offers a number of dedicated solutions for children, parents and caregivers.

What makes Ponto so child-friendly?

Since children have different needs to adults, Ponto offers dedicated solutions to match their specific needs. Our range of solutions is designed to help children lead happy, active lives.


The Ponto Softband

For children with hearing loss, early stimulation of the cochlea is essential for development of language skills. The Ponto Softband supports early stimulation by enabling even the youngest child to wear a sound processor. This easily adjustable and flexible soft band also provides an opportunity to evaluate the benefits of the sound processor prior to having implant surgery.

Adapting to children’s needs

Ponto offers dedicated solutions for children, parents and caregivers. Ponto has a tamper resistant battery drawer that prevents children from accessing the battery. And to stop the sound processor getting lost or damaged if it falls off, the Ponto comes with a safety line.

Enhanced learning with EduMic

EduMic is a wireless remote microphone system to support children with hearing loss in the classroom. It is ideal when a person is speaking from far away, or if a voice is struggling to cut noise. By pushing a single button, EduMic can send a teacher’s voice directly to the Ponto 4 sound processor.
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Personalize your Ponto with skins and stickers

Ponto skins and stickers give you the opportunity to personalize your sound processor. They are easy to remove and replace to match them to your mood favorite jumper.

Meet users of Ponto System in Facebook groups

Meet Ponto users in Facebook groups

If you want to find out more about living with a Ponto, you can join closed Facebook groups. Here you can meet other users, ask questions and find out what life with a Ponto is really like.

Comfortable – whatever your age

Download our Pediatrics Booklets

These booklets can provide helpful guidance during your child’s journey to better hearing with a bone anchored hearing system.


Moving from the Softband to a Ponto implant

Navigating your child’s hearing future with a bone conduction hearing system


Join the Hearing Super-Stars!

Our club for children ages 3-13 who wear a Ponto bone anchored hearing device offers opportunities to make new friends, learn from one another, and enjoy fun activities.

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