About the study

Eighteen experienced bone anchored implant patients with mixed hearing losses were the subjects of this comparison study. All test subjects had used their existing device for at least four months. Patients completed objective pure tone and speech testing using a new device to control for the possible effects of long-term use of their own processor. Patients also completed three subjective questionnaires in reference to their current devices: the APHAB, two relevant sections of the SSQ, and proprietary questionnaires. Patients were then asked to spend 3–4 weeks wearing a new Ponto Pro Power sound processor. After this trial period, patients completed the same objective measures and subjective questionnaires in reference to Ponto Pro Power.


Bosman, A.J., Snik, A.F.M., Hol, M.K.S. and Mylanus, E.A.M. (2013). Evaluation of a new powerful bone-anchored hearing system: A comparison study. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, Jun, 24(6): 505–13.

Experienced users prefer Ponto Pro Power

A peer-reviewed study shows that patients can expect a significant advantage when choosing a modern power device from Oticon Medical over a device from a competitor. Patients report a more positive experience with Ponto Pro Power and speech-in-noise testing results confirmed the advantage.

Ponto Pro Power scores highest in key speech and sound quality ratings.

Using the Abbreviated Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit (APHAB) and the Speech, Spatial and Quality (SSQ) questionnaires, two widely used subjective evaluation tools, patients were asked to rate their experience using Ponto Pro Power against their existing power device. APHAB ratings consistently revealed fewer problems for Ponto Pro Power, and SSQ responses indicated significantly favorable performance from Ponto Pro Power. In fact, all subjects expressed a preference for Ponto Pro Power, with 14 out of 18 subjects citing a strong preference.

APHAB benefit scores


Benefit scores (%)*


* This section of the APHAB is rated using a “problem score” percentage. The results have been inverted to a benefit score for the purposes of this graph.

Experienced users prefer Ponto pro Power for significantly better speech understanding


Score (0–10)

Greater than 35% improvement in speech understanding performance

The subjective improvement ratings discussed above were supported by the study’s objective speech-in-noise test results. Using Ponto Pro Power, speech understanding scores improved compared to the competitor’s device, improving by 2 dB in omnidirectional microphone mode and by 3.5 dB in fully directional microphone mode. This corresponds to understanding over 35% more sentences in a given situation.

Experienced users prefer signal-to-noise ratio

Signal-to-noise ratio*


* A lower signal-to-noise ratio is preferable.