Are you ready for the power of Ponto3

Are you ready for the power of Ponto 3?

The Ponto 3 is the world’s most powerful family of abutment-level processors, and users are already getting excited.

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Talk to your audiologist

Talk to your audiologist to find out more about upgrades

If you want to find out more about the Ponto 3, contact your audiologist. They will be able to tell you about the upgrade process and any insurance or cost issues. Ask for a trial of the Ponto 3 SuperPower.

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The Ponto Family

Ponto 3 means powerful sound quality

Available in Ponto 3, Ponto 3 Power and Ponto 3 SuperPower versions, the Ponto 3 family enables more people – including those with a greater hearing loss – to enjoy the renowned Ponto sound.

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Ready to upgrade your bone anchored hearing system?

Because the latest technology provides more power than previous versions it’s a whole new experience when people try it for the first time - even to those who have had bone anchored hearing systems.

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Taking hearing to the next level

Taking hearing to the next level

The Ponto 3 is the result of decades of experience with bone conduction, combined with the latest advances in hearing technology. This is what gives you the Ponto sound quality and improved understanding of speech, with minimal feedback and distortion.

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