A battle to get help

Due to a lack of awareness and information, the Russian government did not provide medical insurance for those diagnosed with microtia and atresia. But Liza’s mother, Aleksandra, worked tirelessly to help Liza through speech therapy as she grew up, and she was always there to provide support through difficult times. She also worked to reach out to groups who could help.
Not only would Liza not receive medical insurance, but teachers and doctors did not understand her condition. Many doctors told her mother that there was little hope that Liza would be able to speak or live a normal life. The public perception and confusion around Liza’s condition were so severe that doctors told Aleksandra to leave Liza when she was born.

Answers from the online community 

Although there were limited resources and information to provide support to families in Russia, Aleksandra found the Microtia and Atresia Support Group on Facebook. This online community helped her discover new information and connect with others around the world facing similar difficulties. The Facebook support group ultimately led to Aleksandra discovering the Ear Community – the organization that connected our team here at Oticon Medical with Liza and Aleksandra.

Through this connection, Liza was able to receive an Oticon Medical Ponto Plus. Now Liza can not only reach her own full potential, but her case also helps to break down barriers in the community – doctors, educators and the public can now see Liza thriving. Her story will help make an impact so that other children and parents might not have as hard a journey, because people will better understand both the condition and the solution.

A joyful future

Liza’s improved hearing has made time with family and friends more enjoyable, and she can now hear better while at school. Aleksandra tells Melissa, founder of Ear Community,

“Liza sings all day long to music through the Ponto Streamer. The devices are amazing, and we have shed many tears of joy over this experience!”

The online community helped find a solution

Liza Orlovskaya is a beautiful and bright 12-year-old from Russia who was born with bilateral microtia and atresia. She does well in school and loves spending time with her friends, but it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to communicate.

Name: Liza Orlovskaya
Indication: Bilateral microtia and atresia