Safe for MRI scans

At some point in your life, you may need an MRI scan. With the new Neuro Zti 3T✓* cochlear implant from Oticon Medical, you can have the MRI scans you need without worrying about your cochlear implant. 

The new Neuro Zti 3T✓ cochlear implant is safe for use during MRI scans at the standard strength of 1.5 Tesla, as well as the more powerful 3.0 Tesla.

Check your Patient Card

Make sure to check your Patient Card before a MRI scan. This specifies the MRI conditions for your implant.
If your Patient Card does not specify 3T✓ then, don’t worry you can still undergo MRI scans at 1.5 Tesla with magnet in place.

MRI scans at 1.5T are the most commonly used. 


Carry on hearing before and after

The innovative new magnet in the Neuro Zti implant is designed to withstand the powerful magnetic field of the MRI scan. This means you won’t need surgery to remove the magnet and you will be able to hear as usual right before and after the scan. However, during the scan itself you will need to remove your sound processor.

Safe for multiple scans

You can have an MRI scan lasting up to 60 minutes with your Neuro Zti implant in place. This gives the radiologist plenty of time to get the scan images needed. And if you need another MRI scan at a later date, this is no problem. The Neuro Zti is designed to be safe for multiple MRI scans.

What is MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is a type of scan that is often used for diagnosis or to track treatment progress. It uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create detailed images.

Next generation magnet for cochlear implants

The Neuro Zti 3T✓ implant magnet is protected from the force of the MRI’s magnetic field and the implant and magnet are designed to remain secure and steady.

Easy to remove the magnet, if needed

In cases where the Neuro Zti implant can interfere with the MRI scan image, for example during a head scan, the Neuro Zti magnet is easy to remove. This can be done under local anaesthetic in a process that does not take long.

The Neuro System opens up the world of sound

The Neuro System opens up the world of sound

The Neuro cochlear implant system is designed to overcome severe-to-profound perceptive hearing loss and let you hear and take part in life. It comprises an external and internal part

Oticon Medical – your long-term hearing partner

For almost 50 years, Oticon Medical has been delivering hearing health solutions that meet the challenges people face in daily life. This includes being able to have an MRI scan safely and easily.

*Units supplied prior to late 2021 do not contain a 3T MR Conditional magnet. Check the Instructions for Use supplied with the unit to determine whether it contains a 3T MR Conditional magnet.