Oticon Medical Announces Launch of the Neuro Zti MRI 3T Implant

16 August 2021

MRI scans at 3.0 Tesla now possible with the Neuro Zti cochlear implant


Today Oticon Medical launched their Neuro Zti cochlear implant that is able to withstand the strong magnetic field of an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner at magnetic strengths up to 3.0 Tesla (3T). For cochlear implant (CI) users implanted with the new Neuro Zti MRI 3T, this means that they can safely undergo MRI scans at both the most commonly used strength of 1.5T and the more powerful strength at 3.0T without having to remove the magnet from the implant. Hearing can be maintained before and just after the scan. 


We strive to make living with a cochlear implant as uncomplicated as possible
Jes Olsen, CEO


Oticon Medical designed the updated implant and magnet to optimise comfort, safety, and quality of life for implant users. Now users of the Neuro Zti MRI 3T can undergo scans that last up to 60 minutes, giving radiologists ample time to create the optimal scanning sequence, and no head-bandaging (seen with other devices) is needed. The implant and magnet remain secure and steady by way of a unique fixation system, even if the CI user expects to undergo multiple scans. The magnet is constructed from an innovative new composite of metals similar to those used in the aerospace industry. Use of this composite, together with a specialized, patented manufacturing process, creates a stable magnet with a high resistance to demagnetization during MRI scans.


“I’m very proud of the team at Oticon Medical for the dedication and expertise they put into this innovation,” says Jes Olsen, CEO of Oticon Medical. “They paid meticulous attention to detail to develop the absolute best solution for MRI scanning possibilities for CI users. An MRI might not be something that CI candidates have top of mind but needing an MRI scan at some point in life is quite common. So this advance is another reassurance from Oticon Medical that we strive to make living with a CI as uncomplicated as possible. Now CI users can safely undergo MRI scans at even the powerful strength of 3T just like anyone else.”


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