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This is Oticon Medical

Why choose Oticon Medical?

Oticon Medical is a global company in implantable hearing solutions, dedicated to bringing the magical world of sound to people at every stage of life. When you choose Oticon Medical, you choose a company made up of people highly experienced and committed to putting patient needs first. We share a deep appreciation and understanding of the challenges patients encounter in their day-to-day lives. That knowledge, combined with leading edge research, drives the innovation that enables us to develop implantable hearing solutions that improve quality of life – now and in the future.

Oticon Medical and Neurelec - stronger together


The merger of Oticon Medical and Neurelec has created a new and even stronger Oticon Medical with one ambitious goal: To become the world’s leading hearing expert in implantable hearing solutions, and in the process always to support our patients – not only new patients, but also the ones who in the past were treated with Neurelec implants.

People First

At Oticon Medical, our founding philosophy is ‘People First’. This is a direct heritage from our origins in Oticon and it can be seen in our passion for working closely with patients and understanding their long-term hearing needs.

Part of a leading hearing health care company

As a member of one of the world’s largest groups of hearing health care companies, we share a close link with Oticon and direct access to the latest advancements in hearing research and technologies. Our competencies span more than a century of innovations in sound processing and decades of pioneering experience in hearing implant technology. Truly experts within our field.

Our core business

Oticon Medical offers bone anchored hearing systems and cochlear implants solutions, which address the needs of different patient groups. Our solutions benefits people with hearing loss and are specialized to address the needs of those who face the hardest hearing challenges. 

Our history of innovation

Our desire to improve comes from a strong history of product innovation. We pride ourselves on creating solutions that use established and proven techniques, yet are designed to anticipate future developments. By doing so, we ensure that choosing Oticon Medical remains a future-proof choice. We will be there to assist our users throughout their lifetime.


Because sound matters

By working collaboratively with patients, physicians and hearing care professionals, we ensure that every solution we create is designed with user needs in mind.
We share an unwavering commitment to provide innovative solutions and support that enhance quality of life for people wherever life may take them. Because we know how much sound matters.


Oticon Medical
Because sound matters
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