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Sound quality

In bone anchored hearing systems, Ponto stands for outstanding sound quality

Ask a Ponto user about Ponto sound and they will talk about natural sounds, great listening and easy communication. In fact, Ponto sound quality is so close to natural that we regularly hear Ponto users tell us that they often forget they’re even wearing a sound processor.

No muffling, no dampening – just direct sound

To deliver the best possible sound, the Ponto uses Direct Sound Transmission. That means it captures the sounds around you and transmits them through the abutment directly to the inner ear and onward to the brain.

Direct Sound Transmission avoids the issue of sound dampening – a common issue with magnet and softband systems. It also allows Ponto devices to reproduce a greater variety of sound. This is what creates the Ponto sound quality users often talk about.

What makes Ponto sound quality so great?

Sound and hearing are always experienced in a highly individual way. But when we talk about what goes into the renowned Ponto sound, it can be broken down into the following three elements:

1.  More loud and soft sounds
This means hearing sounds at the volume they’re supposed to be experienced. Audiologists call this dynamic range. At a rock concert, you want to hear sounds loud, yet if you’re listening to relaxing music at home, you want to keep it soft. Ponto sound processors have been designed to maintain this dynamism to give a more natural perception of volume.

 2. Greater range of high and low tones
This is described by audiologists as the frequency bandwidth. The Ponto sound processors have the widest range of tones of all bone anchored hearing devices. That’s what enables you to clearly hear the full spectrum of sound – from the deep roar of a lion to the tweeting of birds. Frequency bandwidth is particularly important for speech understanding and participating in conversations. In fact, much of the important sound information for distinguishing words, such as ‘s’ or t’ sounds, is found in the high frequencies.
 3. Clarity without distortion
Finally, to enable all sounds to be heard easily without muffling, distortion or feedback, Ponto is designed to deliver clear and natural sound. This clarity with fewer unwanted sounds translates into effortless listening as the brain doesn’t have to fill in the gaps or try to guess what is being said.

Listen to users describe Ponto sound

Hear the difference

By using Direct Sound Transmission and sending the sound directly to the ear, the Ponto System is able to capture a broader spectrum of sound and more of the louder and softer sounds. The animation below compares the sound quality achieved by Direct Sound Transmission, eg. the Ponto abutment system, with the sound quality of skin transmission systems, such as magnet and softband solutions.

It’s recommended that you wear headphones when listening to the animation.

Ponto Plus has been used as a reference in all the above comparisons.

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Meet Kevin

“I no longer have to make sure that the person speaking to me is on my “good” side, because now I don’t have a bad side.”
- Kevin Hotaling


  • Indication: Severe congenital hearing loss
  • Sound processor: Ponto Plus & Ponto Streamer
Meet Kris

“You don’t realize what you’ve missed until you start hearing things again like footsteps or running water or the sound my dog’s paws make when we’re out walking on the pavement.”
- Kris Siwek


  • Condition: SSD after removal of a large benign tumour on her hearing nerve
  • Sound processor: Ponto Pro
Meet Rebecca

“Just yesterday, I was working in my yard and was amazed by being able to hear the different nuances in bird songs again.”
- Rebecca Davenport


  • Indication: SSD from post-surgical complications
  • Sound processorPonto Plus
Meet Torben

“Ponto Plus Power has given me greater speech understanding and a better and more natural sound quality. I would almost go as far as to call it wonderful.”
- Torben


  • Condition: SSD
  • Sound processor: Ponto Plus Power
Facebook testimonial

Rebecca Davenport:
“It is, for me, a wonderful experience! ... I can make out the finer sound in my environment like bird-chirping here in my background. All these little details have enhanced my hearing experience tremendously.”


Dee Iman:
“Other devices just amplify everything. With my Ponto, it allows me to have conversations with those around me in a restaurant, when it’s noisy, I can still converse with those at my table.”