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Why choose the Ponto System?

The Ponto System is a proven bone anchored hearing system that offers great sound quality in a user-friendly and discreet design. The sound processors use the latest technologies designed to improve speech understanding, sound quality and listening comfort.

A sound that empowers

The Ponto system is designed to match your lifestyle and give you:

Setting new standards in implant technology

The Ponto BHX Implant builds on the proven benefits of the Wide Ponto Implant by combining its stability-promoting OptiGrip™ geometry with a new laser-ablated surface. This has been shown to create the highest initial stability of all bone anchored hearing implants and fast osseointegration.

Ponto abutment family

As no two patients are alike, the Ponto abutment family, featuring the OptiFitTM geometry is available in four different sizes to meet the needs of different skin thicknesses and surgical techniques. These are available pre-mounted on the Ponto BHX Implant.

Wireless opportunities with Ponto

The Ponto Plus sound processor can be used with the Oticon Medical Streamer to access sound from a wide variety of electronic devices, including your cell phone or a tele loop. Or you can use other ConnectLine accessories to enjoy listening to television or the landline phone through your Ponto Plus.

The Oticon Medical Streamer acts as a remote control for the Ponto Plus sound processor providing a new way to enjoy different sound sources.

Preferred by users
2 out of 3 prefer Ponto

Independent studies have investigated the performance of the Ponto sound processors compared to equivalent bone anchored sound processors. And the result is clear; two thirds of all respondents prefer Ponto.

Ponto Plus
Ponto Plus is the most advanced hearing solution, delivering:
More power
Less feedback
Wireless opportunities
in addition to the already well-known features of Ponto