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Speech understanding

Hearing is about being able to communicate freely and effortlessly − even in demanding situations, such as crowded restaurants or conference rooms. The powerful Ponto sound processors are designed to aid speech understanding by protecting speech clarity and fading out background noise when necessary.

Using directionality to focus on speech

Directionality lets you focus on the voice in front of you by fading out other sounds. Among other advanced sound processing features, Ponto sound processors include Automatic Multiband Adaptive Directionality*. The system continuously analyzes the information from the various environmental detectors and automatically chooses one of three directionality modes - Full directionality, Split directionality and No directionality.


Full directionality
- party


No directionality
- watching television
8% of time is spent in loud environments
with background noise, such as parties
or crowded places. Here, Ponto will use
the full directionality mode to enable
clearer speech.
72% of the time, no directional effort is needed. This is when the listening environment is quiet, for example, when watching TV.


Split directionality
- half-full restaurant
The remaining 20% of the time is where Ponto really makes a difference. This is time spent in environments where sound is moderate or loud, such as a half-full restaurant. The split directionality mode makes speech clearer in these more difficult situations.

Protecting speech clarity

Distortion has typically been one of the biggest issues facing users of all types of hearing aids. The Speech Guard feature of the Ponto sound processors is designed to preserve the subtle details that make voices easier to distinguish and speech easier to understand – even if there are any sudden noise-related changes in the sound environment. To reduce distortion and maintain speech clarity.

Speech understanding improved

An independent comparison study of a Ponto sound processor showed that speech understanding was significantly better compared to another bone anchored device.

*Available in Ponto Pro and Ponto Plus sound processors. 

Speech understanding is
key to communication
Ponto Plus
Ponto Plus is the most advanced hearing solution, delivering:
More power
Less feedback
Wireless opportunities
in addition to the already well-known features of Ponto
Wireless opportunities

One device for wireless communication and entertainment. Get access to the widest range of wireless opportunities without compromising on power and sound quality.

Meet the Ponto users
Irene, user, sound processor on user, content image, free, fritlagt

Conversations at meetings and social events used to leave Irene Holm Nielsen feeling fatigue. However, with the Ponto System, that has completely changed.