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Designed for your needs

When we ask users of bone anchored sound processors to describe what they need from their sound processor, we get the same answer: better speech understanding, great sound quality and a discreet design. The Ponto range was created to meet these user needs - offering a discreet design with maximum ease of use.

 The discreet, ergonomic design shown on a user

Discreet, ergonomic design

Ponto sound processors combine discretion with usability. They are available in dedicated left and right versions that follow the contours of the outer ear, and four different colors that blend in with most hair shades.

 Available color choices of the Ponto Plus sound processors (White Silver, Chroma Beige, Mocca Brown, Diamond Black)

 White Silver  Chroma Beige  Mocca Brown  Diamond Black

 Available color choices of the Ponto Plus Power sound processors (White Silver, Chroma Beige, Mocca Brown, Diamond Black)

White Silver Chroma Beige Mocca Brown Diamond Black

Pictures show Ponto Plus. The selection of colors is available for all Ponto sound processors.

Ease of use

The design of all Ponto sound processors is characterized by a focus on ergonomics and usability. For example, the sound processor has just one easy-to-access button for program selection or muting, and the user-friendly battery door makes it easy to change the battery.

Furthermore, several automatic features inside the processor minimize the need to manually adjust the volume control or switch programs. Ponto Pro and Ponto Plus adapt smoothly to changes in listening situations while providing the premium sound quality which the Ponto brand is renowned for.

 Easy to handle Ponto Plus with a tamper resistant battery door, the easy-to-use push button, sturdy metal coupling and volume control. 

Appreciated by users

An independent study showed that a Ponto sound processor was rated significantly easier to handle when changing the battery and adjusting the controls compared to another bone anchored device.

Award-winning design that delivers
WINNER Ponto Pro Power

Ponto Pro Power wins the prestigious IF Produt Design Award 2012 in recognition of outstanding design created with the user in mind.

Meet the Ponto users

“I find Ponto Pro very easy to attach and remove, and I find the sound quality clearer and far more detailed.”

Pia Cramer, Controller & Ponto Pro user