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A wide range of accessories

To meet your personal listening needs, the Ponto system offers a range of high quality accessories – from soft bands and telecoils to external audio adapters, FM systems and other wireless communication accessories.


Ponto Soft Band

Children with hearing loss need auditory stimulation as early as possible to develop their language skills. The Ponto soft band is designed to make the Ponto sound processors comfortable to wear, for day-long stimulation of the inner ear.

The easily adjustable soft band enables even young children to wear Ponto sound processors. Available in six colors for both one and two sound processors, the soft band has a built-in safety release feature designed to open the band if it gets caught. The Ponto soft band is latex and velcro-free and can be used with all Ponto sound processor models.


Skins and stickers

A range of colorful skins and stickers give users the opportunity to personalize their sound processor. The skins and stickers can be used with all Ponto sound processor models.




Places like theaters, cinemas, auditoriums and classrooms often have teleloop systems to make listening easier for people with hearing loss. There are two ways for Ponto users to access these looped environments.

Users of Ponto and Ponto Pro sound processor models need to attach a telecoil unit to the sound processor to pick up signals from the system. The Ponto Plus range of sound processors can be used with the Oticon Medical Streamer, which has a built-in telecoil.

Audio Adapter

Audio adapter

The audio adapter allows you to connect your Ponto or Ponto Pro sound processor to any audio unit with a headphone outlet. This includes external hi-fi equipment, such as stereos, MP3 players and television sets.

The Ponto Plus range of sound processors cannot be used with the audio adapter but instead connect to and stream sound from most audio units using the Oticon Medical Streamer.

FM System, FM adapter

FM system

Oticon has developed an FM receiver, the Amigo R2BA, specifically for Ponto and Ponto Pro sound processors. Designed to pick up signals from Amigo FM transmitters, the Amigo R2BA is an advanced, multi-channel receiver that helps you benefit from the advanced solutions offered by the Amigo system.

> Go to the Amigo website

Users of the Ponto Plus range of sound processors can wirelessly connect to an FM system using the Oticon Medical Streamer. This requires an FM receiver with a Euro pin plug like the Oticon Amigo R2.

Based on the most
advanced sound technology
Ponto Powder – Keep warm

We have made two knitting patterns that will enable you to wear your Ponto all day and still stay warm.

Ponto Plus
Ponto Plus is the most advanced hearing solution, delivering:
More power
Less feedback
Wireless opportunities
in addition to the already well-known features of Ponto
Wireless opportunities

One device for wireless communication and entertainment. Get access to the widest range of wireless opportunities without compromising on power and sound quality.