More sound to the brain

Ponto 5 Mini

The world’s smallest sound processor is still a Ponto

The new Ponto 5 Mini sound processor has a revolutionary approach to feedback and gives you access to hear sounds from all directions.


  • Premium Sound Quality with no audible feedback1*
  • Access to hear sounds all around you
  • More than 20% better speech understanding and less listening effort2
  • Easy to connect to your favorite digital devices 
  • Remote care - attend appointments with your hearing care professional online

*When fitted according to recommendation


If you are already a Ponto user, it’s simple to upgrade your sound processor to a Ponto 5 Mini. Remember, you only need to upgrade the sound processor. Your implant does not need replacing. Learn more about why, when, and how to upgrade

If you are new to bone anchored hearing, you can try out the renowned sound of Ponto 5 Mini with a Softband solution. This is an adjustable band worn around your head with the Ponto 5 Mini attached. There’s no surgery involved making it an ideal way to see if it is right for you.

More sound to the brain

Good hearing is important to help the brain to stay fit and healthy. With BrainHearing™ technologies in Ponto 5 Mini, such as the OpenSound Navigator™ and the OpenSound Optimizer™ you have access to more sound than ever before. The OpenSound Navigator™ also significantly reduces the listening effort needed to make sense of sound2. By allowing more sounds to the brain, you have the option to shift your attention, to switch conversations and to follow what's going on.  

Premium sound without audible feedback

Enjoy the full dynamics of sound – without having to worry about any unwanted sound interference. The OpenSound Optimizer™ technology in Ponto 5 Mini prevents audible feedback before it occurs.1 

If you‘re experiencing feedback with your current bone anchored hearing system, ask your hearing care professional to try a Ponto 5 Mini now.

Contact clinic to try a Ponto 5 Mini

With Ponto 5 Mini you have the option to meet your hearing care professional online, if needed. Just open the Oticon RemoteCare App and attend an online fitting.

During the video call, your hearing care professional can provide help and support and make any necessary adjustments to your Ponto 5 Mini – all without you having to leave your home. 

Not only does the Oticon RemoteCare App let you save travel time and permit you to schedule appointments more flexibly, it also gives your hearing care professional a valuable insight into your home listening environment.

Download the Remote Care App

Download the Otion On App in the App Store   Download the Otion On App in Google Play

Download guide

The Ponto 5 Mini comes in a wide range of different colours to blend in with your hair.

You can add your personal style with one of the colourful skins and stickers.

Ponto 5 Mini has undergone extensive testing, including drop tests, humidity and sweat tests, extreme temperature changes and full immersion in water*.

* IP57 classification. Please note that Ponto sound processors are not waterproof. Please remove your sound processor prior to showering or bathing.

Whether you want to have a video call, watch TV or talk on the phone, your Ponto 5 Mini can wirelessly connect to a wide range of digital devices:

  • 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy – connect to your smartphone
  • Oticon ON App – adjust the volume, change the programmes and much more using your phone
  • ConnectClip – stream to and from your smartphone and use as a remote microphone
  • TV Adapter 3.0 – stream sound from your TV
  • Oticon RemoteCare App – attend appointments with your audiologist online
  • EduMic – stream the teacher’s voice or connect to FM or telecoil

Connect your Ponto 5 Mini to all your favorite digital devices and enjoy sound through your sound processor.

1. Data on file at Oticon Medical   
2. Manuscript in preparation, Data on File, Clinical study BC102