Good Vibrations | Bone Anchored Awareness Day

5 April 2022

Bone Anchored Awareness Day

We’re feeling the Good Vibrations for this May 3rd which marks Bone Anchored Awareness Day, a non-branded awareness and celebration of bone conduction hearing.


Last year in 2021, Oticon Medical initiated an annually recurring awareness day “Good Vibrations” to celebrate bone anchored hearing as a treatment by creating awareness about this treatment and giving voice to users around the globe. 


The date, May 3rd was carefully selected as it is the birthday of Per-Ingvar Brånemark. Brånemark was a Swedish physician and research professor known as the father of osseointegration and the godfather of bone anchored hearing – as his discoveries enabled today’s bone conduction hearing devices. Therefore, Oticon Medical chose Brånemark’s birthday as the annual awareness day for bone anchored hearing. 


On May 3rd 2021, users joined us to share their pictures and stories of living with a bone anchored hearing system. One user from the UK shared her joy after being fitted with her bone anchored hearing device - “the best sounds I hear with my technology most recently are those made by my granddaughter as she plays with making verbal noises and chatting to me. So very grateful”, Lyn Wild (UK).


For those who don’t know, bone conduction is when sound vibrations reach the cochlea within the inner ear via the bones of the skull. Bone Anchored Hearing Systems use this same process, bypassing problems in the outer or middle ear by sending vibrations via the skull bone directly to the inner ear where they can be processed by the brain as sound. In this way, bone anchored hearing uses the body’s natural ability to conduct sound.


Today over 250.000 people – from all over the globe – uses some form of bone conductions hearing device. May 3rd celebrates them and the treatment – regardless of brand. Providing a day where the users can talk about their bone anchored hearing device.


We are passionate about providing as many people as possible with the best sound imaginable


René Govaerts, General Manager of BAHS (Bone Anchored Hearing Systems) at Oticon Medical wishes all of us a happy and vibrant Good Vibrations Day, stating that “At Oticon Medical we recognize the importance of sound, for wellbeing, for development – even for the general health. So of course, we are passionate about providing as many people as possible with the best sound imaginable. That also means creating more awareness – not just for the product – but for the treatment itself. We hear much too often,” René Govaerts says, “that a person didn’t know that their hearing loss could be alleviated, and therefore have gone years and years unaided. This day, May 3rd is our contribution to keeping the conversation of hearing alive.”


This May 3rd, 2022, Oticon Medical will be celebrating the date all over the world, with events, information, contests and fun, and games. Different things and events in different countries. As a non-branded awareness day, we invite other bone anchored brands to join by sharing the social media content and organising celebrations of their own. The focus of this day is to raise awareness about hearing loss and treatment – not products.
Good Vibrations posts, stories, tweets, reels, etc. can be shared by all using the #goodvibrations and the #boneanchoredhearing hashtags and it can be shared on the Good Vibrations Facebook page.