Ponto can help children too

Early identification of a hearing loss and providing early access to sound is vital for a child's language development. The age at which children can receive a bone anchored implant varies from person to person. But with the Ponto soft band, children with conductive/mixed hearing loss or single-sided deafness can benefit from Ponto sound processors - regardless of age. Recognizing that their needs, preferences and lifestyles differ from those of adult users, Ponto offers a number of dedicated solutions for children, parents and caregivers.

What makes Ponto so child friendly?

Since children have different needs than adults, Ponto offers dedicated solutions to match their specific needs. Our full range of solutions are specifically designed to help children lead happy, active lives.

The Ponto soft band

For children with hearing loss, early stimulation of the cochlea is essential for the development of language skills. The Ponto soft band supports early stimulation by enabling even the youngest child to wear a sound processor. This easily adjustable soft band also offers an opportunity to evaluate the benefits of the sound processor prior to having an implant placed.

Adapting to children´s needs

Ponto offers dedicated solutions for children, parents and caregivers. For example, the program push button and volume control can be fully deactivated, and special programs can be added to meet the child’s ever evolving needs. Also Ponto has a tamper-proof battery door that prevents children from accessing and possibly ingesting the battery.

Extra support in school

Ponto sound processors are fully compatible with the Oticon Amigo FM system, which supports communication in the classroom, so the teachers voice can be transmitted directly to the sound processor. Ponto Plus requires a different Amigo solution than Ponto and Ponto Pro, so remember to consider compatibility.
Phonak also distributes an FM solution, that can be used with the Ponto sound processors, again the system required will depend upon the sound processor.
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Higher safety in handling

Ponto’s tamper-resistant battery door helps to prevent children from removing and potentially ingesting the battery.


Skins and stickers make Ponto more personal

Ponto skins and stickers are popular not only because they are bright and colourful but because they offer children an opportunity to personalize their hearing device. They are easy to remove and replace as children grow and fashions change.


Safety line keeps Ponto in place

The Ponto safety line prevents the sound processor from hitting the floor if it should accidentally become disconnected.

The Ponto System
Freedom of choice in
bone anchored hearing care
Ponto for children

Give your child a head start
– with the Ponto Soft band

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Meet the Ponto users

"It’s much easier to follow my classes and to play with my friends"


Oscar, age 8
Ponto Pro user