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Surgery is required to insert the internal part of the implant system. The surgeon makes a small incision behind the ear to place the receiver part of the implant containing the electronic circuits. Then the electrode array is carefully inserted into the cochlea.

Implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes under two hours. It normally requires hospitalization for a few days. Insertion of a cochlear implant presents the same risks as any other ear surgery.

Until the sound processor is attached and activated, patients will not be able to hear. This usually happens around one month after leaving hospital. This period of time is required to recover from the anesthesia, and to heal the scar covering the incision, which can take several weeks.

Less invasive surgery

For surgeons, inserting Oticon Medical implants is quick and simple:

  • It does not require any bed drilling.
  • The implant is simply placed under the skin.
  • Fixation using screws makes the placement stable and prevents implant migration.
  • The incision is small.

Unlike most cochlear implants on the market, which have a two-part structure and a separate magnet, this surgery does not require any milling of the bone. Thanks to the ultra-compact single-part structure with a unique fixation system using self-tapping screws the implant is simply placed under the skin. The receiver is fixated using screws which makes it very stable and prevents implant migration. The incision is minimal, contributing to easy healing and reduction of the risk of post-operative infection. Because of the single-part structure, the area of skin being loosened is much smaller than with other implants, which ensures faster healing and leaves the operation less traumatic.  

Innovative and proven technology
Three decades of hearing implant experience
Neuro Zti implant

Learn about Oticon Medical's first cochlear implant system that uses innovative and proven technologies.