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The safe choice

The Neuro One is built to last regardless of the challenges of your daily life. It supports an active lifestyle and can adapt to all situations – whether you’re exercising outside in the fresh air or talking to friends over dinner. With its uncompromising design, it meets the highest standards of safety and delivers the performance you need.

Tested for robustness and durability
The Neuro One has been designed with durable cables, robust connections and a shock-resistant shell. It has also been subjected to numerous reliability tests that measure its ability to withstand falls, daily wear and tear, as well as skin biocompatibility. Furthermore, its microphones have been extensively tested to ensure optimal sound quality and directionality performance.

To support everyday activity, sports and weather conditions, a hardwearing repellent coating effectively protects the sensitive electronic board and components inside the sound processor from moisture, sweat, dirt and impact.

Battery door lock
A locking system is integrated in the battery door to secure the battery compartment remains closed during wear or if the sound processor is accidentally dropped. The battery door can be easily locked or unlocked.

Secure implant communication
Children and bilateral users can also prevent any sound processor mismatch using Neuro One’s unique implant identification protocol. This sends a signal to indicate if the sound processor has been placed on the wrong implant side.

Performance diagnostics
Neuro One integrates a full diagnostic function that allows you to check whether the sound processor, antenna and cable are working optimally by simply pushing a button. In addition, an indicator light clearly shows the status of the sound processor and gives you advance warning when the batteries need changing.


Neuro One
The highest standards of safety
You can rely on us

We know how important an implantable hearing solution is for all of life’s important moments.

That’s why all our products are tested to ensure they meet the highest requirements of quality and reliability.


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