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Comfortable design

When you rely on a sound processor every day, you need it to be well-fitting and designed for performance. With its elegant and discreet form, the Neuro One sound processor provides high-quality listening in a sound processor that is so comfortable it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.

Comfort, style and performance

The rounded shape of the Neuro One fits naturally and comfortably behind your ear. This ergonomic design combined with the Easy-Snap soft hook keeps your sound processor firmly stay in place whatever you do. In addition, the Neuro One antenna is streamlined, ultra-thin and lightweight for a discreet and comfortable fit that makes it easy to enjoy great performance.

Whatever your style

The Neuro One sound processor and its accessories are available in a wide variety of colours that match your style and personality. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone or hair colour, or opt for colour that makes a statement. Neuro One accessories are also available in different sizes.

Convenient and user-friendly

The Neuro One sound processor has been designed to be easy to use with few intuitive and simple controls. Its advanced sound processing features automatically adapt to different sound environments without requiring you to adjust your sound processor. This lets you enjoy optimal sound wherever you go.


Neuro One
The right combination of style and functionality
Meet Karin

“The cochlear implant had a huge impact on my mental well-being. I insist on wearing my sound processor all the time."


Karin, Neuro System user