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Sound processor accessories

The Neuro cochlear implant system comes with a wide range of practical accessories for everyday performance, comfort and care. This includes a range of connectivity accessories, such as the wireless HearIt Media system.

  1. Connectivity
  2. Holding and protection
  3. Care
  4. Testing and control
  5. Power
  6. Spare parts


Users of Oticon Medical sound processors can wirelessly connect to different external hearing aid accessories and the most advanced FM systems commercially available on the market, like the Amigo from Oticon. This is made possible thanks to the integrated auxiliary socket (Euro-pin plug).

The sound processors also feature a built-in telecoil that lets you wirelessly access a wide range of induction-enabled systems. For more information about the accessories below, please contact your local Oticon Medical representative.

Hear It Media

The HearIt Media system is a flexible and user-friendly wireless amplifier for TV, music systems and cell phones. Find out more on the Phonic Ear HearIt Media website.

Hear It Media neck loop

Using Bluetooth® technology, the HearIt Media neck loop wirelessly transmits to and receives sound from your mobile phone. Once your sound processor is set to the T-coil program, the microphone on the HearIt Media neck loop captures and transmits your side of conversation while you hear the other person via your sound processor. This lets you use your mobile phone with the hands-free option and talk on the phone with no unwanted background noise.

Hear It Media TV adapter

By plugging the HearIt Media TV adapter into your television or music system, you can enjoy the sound directly in your sound processor thanks to the wireless HearIt Media neck loop. Simply set your sound processor to the T-Coil program and you can turn the volume up as loud as you want without having to worry about disturbing anyone else.


Silhouette is a discreet hands-free solution that provides clear inductive transmission from a mobile phone or MP3 player. It is placed behind the ear next to the sound processor and connects directly to your cell phone or MP3 player. It is available with a single ear hook and with two ear hooks for bilateral implantation.

Contralateral microphone

The contralateral microphone system is needed for stereo hearing for binaural implants. It consists of a small microphone and a cable for connection to the sound processor.

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Holding and protection

Ear hook

Translucent and discreet, the Easy Snap ear hook is made of an extra-soft material that is comfortable to wear while keeping the sound processor securely in place. The hook system can be clicked on or off quickly and effortlessly and is available in different lengths to fit all ear shapes.

Cover Clip

The clip-on cover protects the sound processor from perspiration and humidity. Made of nylon and spandex, it slips easily onto the sound processor and provides additional support when playing sports or spending time outside. Available in different discreet colours, the clip-on cover blends in with your hair or skin tone.

Contralateral microphone cover clip

To protect the contralateral microphone from perspiration and humidity, a cover made of nylon and spandex can be easily slipped onto the microphone. The contralateral microphone cover is available in different discreet colours.

Holding buckle

The holding buckle is made entirely of silicone. It provides optimal support and comfort when practicing sports, being active or simply for everyday use. It is often used by children.

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Protective case

The protective case is a compact, elegant box made for storing the sound processor. For extra protection, the case can be used with the carrier.


This carrier can transport all the parts required by your sound processor (batteries, accessories, etc.).

Desiccation drying system – Perfect Dry

This exclusive product removes condensation from your sound processor caused by perspiration, humidity or temperature changes in less than three hours. Designed for ease of use with an automatic stop at the end of each drying cycle, it can hold two hearing devices. Batteries should be removed when using Perfect Dry.

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Testing and control

Microphone earphones

The microphone earphones allow a hearing person to listen to the audio signals sent to the sound processor. They can be used to detect any microphone problems, such as clogged microphone input or a defective microphone, and are particularly suitable for parents wishing to check their child’s microphones.


If your sound processor does not have an integrated diagnostic function, this diagnostic tool tests whether the accessories, such as the antenna or cable, are functioning correctly. When the sound processor sends information, a light comes on.


The screwdriver is used to activate or deactivate the locking system for the battery compartment on the Neuro One sound processor. This feature does not replace adult supervision.

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Oticon Medical sound processors work with Zinc Air batteries. The recommended size is P675 (internationally designated as PR44).

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Spare parts


The antenna sends information to the implant receiver placed under the skin. Lightweight and discreet, it consists of a copper wire coil covered in silicone plastic. The antenna is available in all standard colours.

For Neuro One sound processors, the antenna is available in two models to ensure optimal power consumption for the individual skin thickness. The SD antenna is mainly intended for children, and the LD antenna for adults.


The magnet ensures the antenna is held in place on the skin above the implant. It is available in several strengths and a range of colours.

Antenna cable

The antenna cable ensures the connection between the antenna and the sound processor. It is available in different sizes and a range of colours.

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Neuro One
Practical accessories for everyday performance and comfort
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